Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Patience, not my virtue

It's not without frustration that I tell you this issue with school isn't getting any better.  I digress, for just a moment, to briefly explain/remind about the nature of the issue.   Some may remember that thanks to some changes in the curriculum, it's possible that I might not graduate this semester, as I should be.  It seems that at the end of the day, I'm one measly credit hour short.  One hour.  I've been trying to get it taken care of for almost two months.  I went to the science department (as it's a science credit), who directed me to my department, who've made a request of the office of the vice president of academic affairs.  All of that and still nothing.

I emailed my advisor last week, who said he'd look into it, and while I don't doubt that he is, I've heard nothing.  At this point, having exhausted all avenues available to me, I have no idea what to do.  I can keep emailing them, but it's nothing having much effect.  They are getting things done, but slowly, until recently when everything ground to a halt.  It's been almost 3 weeks since the VP of academic affairs got the request from the head of the English department and nothing.  It's not appropriate for me to email him, there's a chain of command to these things, so I'm basically stuck out.

Right now, after months of dealing with this, I just want to know one way or the other.  If I'm not going to graduate this semester, okay, but I wish they would tell me already.  I'd like to graduate, but not under duress.  If it takes one more semester, then it takes one more semester, even if it is over one measly hour.  Unfortunately, there're complications.  My need to know is not simply my impatience, you see.

If it were just a matter of graduating, knowing wouldn't be nearly as important, but that's not all.  I have to have my grad school application for Spring in by the end of October.  October is coming, it'll be here Thursday and once it is, the clock is effectively ticking.  Also, I have to have my FAFSA done so I can get financial aid to pay for grad school, which needs to be done sooner, rather than later, because it takes time for them to put together a financial aid package.

I don't want to pay the application fee (which is only $30) if I'm not going to graduate.  If I'm in one more semester, then I'll loose the fee and have to reapply.  Also, I don't want to apply for grad school financial aid for this school year if I'm not going to graduate because I'm worried that I'll loose what's left of my financial aid, which I may need for Spring if I'm still an undergrad.  Finally, I'm concerned because financial aid won't pay for 3 hours.  So, instead of having to stay in and take one damn class, I'll have to take two, which is just annoying.

I think, if I haven't heard anything from my advisor by the first, I'll email him again.  I think he, and the head of the department for that matter, is pretty annoyed with me.  I'm sorry, I hate to bug him, but I need this taken care of.  One way or the other, yes or no, I need an answer and I need it at the earliest possible date.

In my mind, the earliest possible date should have been a month ago.  They're doing their best for me, I know they are, I just wish the office of the VP of academic affairs was, too.