Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'd rather have wet feet!

I hate rubber rain boots.

Hate them!

I was on campus for two classes today and it's raining here.  Half the girlies around campus were wearing those god-awful, brightly colored, often hideously patterned, rubber rain boots.  You know the ones, you can get them at your local shoe store for $10 or so.  Ugh.  They should give the ugly things away, or better yet, pay you to take them!

When I was a kid, I had a pair and, quite honestly, I hated them then, too.  We also had snow boots (yes, it snow's on occasion where I grew up!), fur topped, and equally hideous to the rubber rain boots.  Who thought of this?  Whoever it was, they should be flogged with a rubber rain boot!

Honestly, I think they're some sort of fashion trend this season.  I mean, you'd always see them, but this year it seems to be 10x more frequently.  I cringe every time I walk past a girl in little shorts wearing a pair of bright blue, rubber rain boots with goldfish on them, or something equally silly.  I think that I'm actually a bit biased, I hate all boots.  I never wear them, I can't stand the way they look -- rain, snow, fashion, cowboy, combat, work, stripper, I don't like any of them!

I hope this fad disappears soon and rain boots go back to being unstylish, the way rubber clogs did -- though I have a pair of those hideous crocs and I love how comfortable they are!

I adore the rain, but I hate what it does to people's sense of fashion!