Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh, the horror!!

I really like horror movies.

I just really needed to say that, before anything else, because it hasn't always been the case.  There was a time when I absolutely hated them.  When I was a little girl, everything scared me, and I do mean everything -- "Mr. Boogedy" scared me when I was a kid, okay, I'm talking serious horror phobia here.  It was a fear I carried all the way into adulthood, I couldn't watch horror at all.  Then, one day in my mid-20's, I realized quite suddenly that not only was I not afraid to be afraid anymore, but quite the opposite was true.  I actually liked horror movies.

So, with that in mind, let's move on.

With Halloween coming up, Wal-Mart is marking a lot of it's horror movies down to $5 -- we have a really nice Super Wal-Mart here.  They already have great deals on movies, so this is really great!  A few weeks ago, while browsing around Wal-Mart in the middle of the night (or favorite time to go to Wal-Mart) Matt and I picked up a few movies.  We got: "28 Days Later,"  "28 Weeks Later,"  "Hellraiser," "Candyman," "Poison Ivy," and "From Hell."  We also got "Taken" with Liam Neeson and "Point Break" with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, but I digress.  We've had a good time watching them together.  Some of the old horror is really amusing.  I hate to say that, and I'm sure it scared someone in 1985, but I find it so corny... all but Hellraiser, Pinhead and his girl friend scare me and they always will!

Matt's a huge fan of "Nightmare on Elm Street" and most of the "Halloween" series (with the exception of #3 -- when I bring it up he makes pained noises like he's dying).  I like both, they're always a winner when we're looking for something "scary" to watch, especially Rob Zombie's retelling of "Halloween" which is awesome.  The problem now, however, isn't that I'm too scared, it's that nothing seems to scare me anymore.  I watch horror movie after horror movie, ever subject to the perpetual disappointment of walking away unafraid. Honestly, it's annoying... and not just a little.  I want to be afraid.  The most recent movie to disappoint was "Shutter."  It stuck with me, but it wasn't scary.  Honestly, I walked away saying, "wtf? Who thought of that?!"  You'd just have to see it, seriously, it's... strange.

Anyway, "Shutter" aside, I really shouldn't say nothing scares me.  I should say almost nothing scares me.  I still haven't been able to bring myself to watch "The Blair Witch Project."  Every time I try to watch it, I get ten minutes in and have to shut it off.  Realistic horror scares the snot out of me.  So yeah, I'm a wimp who still hasn't seen "The Blair Witch Project," but one of these days I'm going to muster the courage to watch it.  The only other movie that scares me is "The Ring," which I was fine with until that brat started to climb out of the TV, and then I lost my nerve.  It's just not right.

So, now there's this movie everyone's yapping about, "Paranormal Activity" which is apparently really, really scary.  It's shot like Blair Witch, in that realistic, home video style.  It's a low budget film, something like $11,000 in total costs.  A dear friend saw it with a friend of her and she came back saying it scared the crap out of her!  Then, she said she was going to take her mom, so she could be scared too. Ha.  For me, I'm going to wait for it to be out on DVD before I see it, for two reasons.  First, it's not playing here.  Second, though I like to be scared, I rarely like to be scared in public.  I want to watch it at home, where I can turn on all the lights if I want to.

I'm not really sure what we're going to be doing for Halloween this year, we don't live in a neighborhood where we get trick-or-treaters -- which actually makes me really happy-- nor have we made plans.  Maybe we'll get all of our horror movies together and have a horror movie marathon!  It is a Saturday, which is perfect, we could carve a pumpkin and put it on the steps, have some apple cider, and watch scary movies until midnight.  Then comes the right fright, 12:01am on November 1st brings... *queue horror movie scream*... NaNoWriMo!!  But that, my friends, is a tale for another time!