Sunday, October 11, 2009

Small Town, Saturday Night

Saturday night came and rather than going, like it normally would, Matt and I went out and did something!  We're both homebodies, him more than me these days, so we don't go out much.  Last night, we went out with Melanie and Joey, and we had a really good time!!   We saw "The Accidental Band" (site/myspace) at Grumps here in Stephenville, had burgers and beer (I had a swirl margarita), and generally enjoyed the evening!

Several months back, Matt came home with a news paper, he was grinning ear to ear.  Turns out "The Accidental Band" was on the front page.  One of Matt's favorite professors, Dr. Craig Clifford (Philosophy), is the lead vocals for the band.  When I told him they were going to be here in town this Saturday he was eager to go and who could blame him, really? We were there from about 6-9pm so we were home before 10 tolls of the bell.  The burgers at Grumps are really good and the drink refills are free!  The fries are homemade, which is awesome and reminds me of home (think In-N-Out Burger).
The band was really good!!  They're very folk and all their songs are original, though I hear they also play the occasional  rockabilly and traditional folk.  One thing that really caught me about the performance was the harmonica.  Dr. Clifford can rock the harmonica!!  All the music was really fantastic.  Some of the songs are sad, while others are hilarious, but they all have something identifiable by anyone who's living in the south, and more specifically in Texas.  There were moments I thought I might cry, though sometimes those tears were born of sheer amusement.  My favorite songs have to be "The Libneck Anthem" and "Me and David Rodriguez" (both of which I've added to my myspace profile playlist, if you want to hear them).  All the band members were really nice and even signed my CD!!  Though, I have to say, I feel bad because I got them to sign it to me and not Matt.  He looked a little disappointed.  Bad wife, bad!

I have to say, overall, I spent so much time smiling that my jaws started to hurt.  My face was tired and every time I took a sip of the margarita, my jaws tightened up.  It was painful, but in the best possible way.  When I told Matt, he said I should practice working those muscles and smile more.  Ha!  How little he knows me sometimes.  I definitely think we'll be going again, next time they're in town.  They're going to be at the Line Camp in Tolar in a few weeks, and though I'd really like to go, I don't think we're going to make it -- besides it's outdoors, BRRRR!!!  It was also nice to see our professors outside the university, just having a good time.  Several of the other profs showed up to see the band and have a few beers.  It was almost surreal!!

All in all, a fantastic, inexpensive way to spend a Saturday night in Stephenville.

*Note: The image above was taken by Dr. Mallory Young.  It is not of last night's show, but of the May 08 show at Grumps.