Saturday, October 24, 2009

This, That, & The Other

It's Saturday morning and I've promised the day to Matt, who's currently out having breakfast with his dad.  While he's gone, I wanted to throw a few random things at you:

First, I passed the Writing Proficiency Exam!!  I don't really think I could have failed it.  I'm an English major, if I failed the WPE, I'd have had to crawl under a rock and die of embarrassment.  My fear was more out of sheer paranoia than anything else.  I procrastinated to the very last moment, literally, giving myself no room for error.  If I hadn't passed it, I wouldn't have graduated, which would have been humiliating at very best.  As it is right now, everything on my degree evaluation says met (all the text is black, as opposed to the dreaded red where things are left undone), so as long as I pass everything, I should graduate in December!!

The second thing would, naturally, be that I'm going to be putting in my graduate school application this weekend.  I have to write a short essay of intent, which I'm terrified to do, but otherwise the application should be pretty simple.  All my transcripts are already where they need to be, so it's just a matter of filling in the info and paying them the $30 fee.  Right now, the short essay is my biggest, and most immediate concern.  I hate writing about myself.  Okay, scratch that, I hate writing about myself where it'll be judged by my academic superiors.  I'm happy to write about others all day, assign me an essay on Charlotte Perkins Gilman or Kate Chopin and I'm set, but make me write about my own plans and I'm pretty much screwed.  Wish me luck on my essay and application.  I'm sure I won't need it, my GPA is high enough, but it never hurts to have a little bit of luck!

Finally, I wanted to address myself to Jodi, and to Shannon.  I can't do so at Jodi's blog, as her comments are closed, so I'd like to do so here.  I just wanted to say that though you expressed that you don't think I'd be interested, I've read every word you've written over there.  Every single one.  I find your life relatively charming, actually, and think you write beautifully.  I hope you don't mind my doing so, I'm really trying to let all this tension between us go.  Frankly, it breaks my heart.   Good luck with NaNoWriMo this year, Jodi!   Shannon, I hope your tooth feels better and congratulations on the high praise for your essay!

Okay, I need to run, Matt just came in.  I hope everyone's having a really good weekend.  Tomorrow, I have a ton of homework, my grad school application to do, and football!!  I'm also going to try to post a recipe for a pie I made yesterday, with some pictures, because it's just that amazing!!  My goodness, I love the fall!!

Happy Saturday!