Friday, November 13, 2009

Brain Scramble

The randomness I have planned for this post is epic...

First up, the weekend I've been dreading is here.

I have a rough draft for a 25 page paper due Monday and I haven't really started writing it yet.  Okay, not haven't really, I haven't started writing it at all.  Since writing is the least of the work for that paper, I'm not as stressed out as I could be, but still, it's a lot of work to do in a few days.  The hard part of this assignment is the research and outline.  I don't normally outline, but for this paper, which is a manuscript study, an outline is going to see me through.   I usually formulate an idea about what I want to write about, read and highlight my on my sources, and then write.  Easy as that.  Of course, I also don't normally write rough drafts, so I'm a little bit anxious about the assignment.  I'll write my paper, turn in the rough draft and get some feedback, and then make the changes and be done with it.

It's going to be an ugly weekend, I can see it already.  The kind of weekend where you don't get any rest, so when Monday rolls around you feel like you're still running on the previous week's steam.  Yeah, that kind.

So, tomorrow I start and I'm planning to divide and conquer.  Saturday, I'll research some more.  I'll sift through the hundreds (yeah, wish I was kidding about that) of pages of manuscript and typescript again.  Then, when that's done, I'll sit down on Sunday and write.  All day, I'll write and if I don't get it quite done, I'll work on it some on Monday morning and during the break between my lab and the 6pm class when the rough draft is due.  I can do this, it'll just be difficult.  I never expected it to be easy, so I'm prepared for the work.

I was half-heartedly planning to start today.  Instead, though, I went to class (which I'll talk about in a minute), and spend the afternoon hanging out with Melanie.  Although, that means that she didn't her paper started today either and she's in the exact same boat as me.  The problem is, I've been planning to start writing this paper for weeks... and weeks!  Every time I sit down to get started, something comes up or I have other school work that's more urgent at the moment.  I have so much going on that I'm really, really pressed for time.  That leaves me two days before the rough draft is due.

In other news...

I got my test back in Renaissance and Reformation today.  I made a 98!  That's a high A.  I was so freaking happy!  I've been feeling like things aren't working out right this semester, but having gotten that test back with a good grade on it really helped me feel like I can pull this off yet!  Now I just have to sit tight and hope that my History of the South test grade comes back good.  I'm really hopeful about that one, which is unusual for me, and could lead to serious disappointment.

Speaking of which, I realized today that I still have 4 tests to go in Geology and could still screw that up royally.  Anyone who says Geology is easy has rocks in their head (pun intended!!).  It's not easy, by any stretch of the imagination, and there's a hell of a lot more to it than looking at pretty rocks.  I have the last test, a make-up exam, the lab final, and the class final to go.  There's only about 3 weeks left to go, so time's a wastin'.  This means that I'm going to be studying my face off for Geology over the next few weeks!  Gah, I hate science!

Third (I am on the third thing, right?)...

I submitted my application with writing samples.  Wish me luck.

Finally, one last thing before I go...

When I was in the bookstore, buying super-exciting scantrons and blue books, I got myself a little something extra.  I saw the tassel's hanging there and decided it was just what I needed to remind myself why I haven't run screaming from this semester yet.  I'm almost to the finish line, if I stall out now, I'll never forgive myself!

I couldn't decide which one to get, so I got both of them -- the standard one for the cap and the souvenir tassel.  The one in the picture is clearly the standard tassel.  Our school colors are purple and white, so the souvenir tassel has both colors and the full year.  I took a bunch of pictures, deleted half of them, and then chose this picture because I liked it the best.  That's my HS tassel and college tassel together.  My camera is old and doesn't take terribly good shots -- 3.1 megapix, fail-- so this pic is relative good for what it's capable of.  I really want to get a new camera (this is the one I'm looking at, in red!!) -- maybe I'll get some money for a grad gift and can get one.  Who knows?!  Okay, that's beside the point.

The brown case is the Vera Bradley Mini Laptop Case I got for my netbook (in Imperial Toile).  Turns out they have a messenger bag in the same design, the Imperial Toile, so I'm going to get it next semester.  Sadly, it's $84!  I'd really like to start grad school with a new bag, I deserve it, I've been using the same one for a long time and I've never had a really nice bag!  Anyway, I think I may take some pics of it and my netbook, or maybe make a little video, later on (and by later on, I mean in the future, not today).

Co-starring in the pic are my Pocky, Nintendo DS, and Alien!!  If you haven't eaten Pocky, I command you to go out and get some immediately, you'll thank me. So yeah, eat them. ;)

Okay, time for me to go, this post is over 1,000 words!  I think I'm going to try to get Matt to turn off 'Mad Max' so I can work on my NaNoWriMo stuff.  Damn AMC for playing all the 'Mad Max' movies back to back, anyway!!  Wish me luck on my paper.  I'm nervous about getting it done.

Good night.