Monday, November 23, 2009

Help me out here...

In February, Matt and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.  I can hardly believe it's been so long!  I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I really want to do something special for our anniversary.  You really only get one 10th anniversary and I want ours to be amazing.  It's the first real milestone.  The problem is, I have no idea what to do.

We're not really go-away-for-a-weekend kind of people, so that's definitely out of the question.  Then, I thought maybe for our 10th we could trade in our rings and get a new, matching set of wedding rings to commemorate our 10 years together, but it's so expensive and really isn't necessary.  So, that's out.  We could go out to eat (and probably will), but we do that every year.  I could make dinner, but it seems a cruel and unusual punishment, I mean, it's my anniversary too!

I just simply don't know, which is why I'm thinking about it so far in advance.  I want to celebrate in a meaningful way, but I can't come to what that way might be.  I asked Matt, but he doesn't seem to have any suggestions either.  We're just plain pathetic!  So, that said, I'm open to creative suggestions if you'd like to offer me one (or two, or whatever).  I don't necessarily want to spend a lot of money, but we could probably afford a little, in the interest of making our 10th amazing.

So, what do you think?


  1. One suggestion is a party. SRSLY, a party. Celebrate your anniversary with friends and family. You could ask friends to provide photos from over the years that you've been married, maybe get your maid of honor and best man to toast you "10 years later and in 20/20 hindsight".

    Another suggestion is to sit down and think about the things that you two might have put off as "silly" or "weird", and pick some to do on that day. Don't worry about it being "perfect" so much as being "memorable" in the spirit of your lives together.

    Above all, don't be afraid to surprise Matt :) Pleasant surprises, such as visits from friends not seen in a long time, or checking out that museum or park that you've talked about checking out but never got around to, can be memorable as well.

    Good luck!

  2. It was always my dream for my tenth anniversary to renew my vows. Not in a big fancy way, but in a simple, more personal ceremony. I think the vows would mean more to me now than they did eleven years ago when I was still naive and stupid and didn't really know what marriage was all about. Exchanging vows today, with the wisdom I have now about marriage and the extraordinary committment it takes to make it work, would hold so much more meaning for me.

    This suggestion is neither cost effective, realistic, or practical, so if I can think of something "real", I'll let you know. =)

  3. GO NERDY!
    Renew your vows in Stormwind!! LOL!

    For my 10th, we went on a cruise of the Caribbean and had the captain renew our vows during a formal dinner it was pretty awesome!
    .-= Shawn´s last blog ..Politics Today, Sesame Street Style! =-.

  4. In all seriousness, you can buy something special but that's so.... well, ordinary.

    Think about your talents Kristyn.

    Why not go buy a nice stationery book, doesn't have to be huge. Write a short story about your 10 years together. How you've felt, the good times you've had together and your plans for the next 10 years. Knowing Matt, he'd treasure something like that!

    Put that unbelievable talent you have with a pen and paper to use to make something special about your day!

    Just a thought!
    .-= Shawn´s last blog ..Politics Today, Sesame Street Style! =-.

  5. Anniversary plans are tough. me & mine are the go away types so it solves alot of our problems with "what to do".

    some cost effective stuff:
    - Sentimental vs materialistic gift exchange (mutual agreed upon theme?)
    - Dancing. Whether it's your thing or not perhaps some good ole'
    fashion slow dancing is nice and out of the norm.
    - picnic somewhere close but out of the way.

    --- you get the picture.
    I know that you have probably thought about all this and
    more. This year My Mister and I didn't do the big plans for
    the 5th anniversary but we did spend some time out of the
    house together with meaningful though thrifty activities. It was
    nice to tune in some uber romance and keep things simple.
    .-= Mayren´s last blog ..Skype Gaming: Setup =-.

  6. Thank you all for the great suggestions! I really appreciate it. I'd like to renew our vows at some point, but since we didn't have a "wedding" in the traditional sense of the word, it could be a little tricky. At some point, maybe at 15 or 20 years I'd like to have a small ceremony.

    Thanks again, all!

  7. Wow! Sounds like everyone has some good ideas for you!! I think I like Shawns idea of the journal the just sounds like both of you! Mayren's picnic idea, weather permitting, sounds nice too maybe at sunset? Go get something good at the grocer's deli or some other place you like then you don't have to fix it, don't forget to bring along a bottle of wine... Take that journal along and give it to him as his gift...sounds nice to me!

    Love Ya,

  8. Maybe at 15 years!! We could all go to Vegas...they have a nice vow renewal thing at Excalibur for not alot of money...:)

  9. That would be fun! I'm going to talk it over with Matt and see what he thinks. I'd really like to do something great like that in the future!

  10. I have something weird that might be up your alley. Instead of doing some huge thing to celebrate your 10 years of marriage, how about taking something from Christmas and celebrate 12 days of your anniversary... each day would highlight an area of your marriage, but would not be overwhelming... if that makes any sense.

    It could culminate in a party, or not... you choose.
    .-= MC´s last blog ..Randomness: Peanuts, Zine World, Myspace =-.

  11. MC, I think that is an absolutely fantastic idea! Maybe not 12 days, but 10! One day for every year we're together. Maybe we could look up the traditional (or modern) anniversary gifts by year ( and each day we could give one another a small gift that represents that year that day corresponds to!

    I am definitely going to run that past him! :D Thanks!