Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaNoWriMo, Day 1: The Tortoise & The Hare

It's 5:15pm, I'm high on Halloween candy, and taking a break from studying for tomorrow's geology test.   We've kicked off NaNoWriMo here, with varying degrees of success, and we're having a good time with it!  I've managed to write 1,792 words today, which I feel is pretty awesome given everything else I have going on.  The absolute daily limit is 1,667 per day, that's what I'm aiming for,  which I not only met, but exceeded.  Still, there's nothing quite like realizing that my husband has written 10,548 words today to make a girl feel like a serious underachiever.  Matt wrote a bit more of 1/5 (about 21%) of the total word count in one day!

The man is a machine!  If I didn't know better, I'd have to accuse him of cheating.  I repeat, The man is a machine!!  He's been planning out his story for more than a month, he knows what he wants to happen and when.  He's been absolutely dying to get started and if I hadn't smacked his hands a time or two (proverbially speaking) he would have started long ago, rules be damned.  I convinced him that it's in the spirit of the event that he wait for November 1st.  If he keeps this up, he'll have the whole thing done by Friday.  I figure he can't possibly keep this voracious pace, especially given that he has school work to do at some point, but even if he writes half that per day, he'll finish well before November 30th.  So, I've been encouraging him to keep on going, even after he hits 50k, and he tells me he thinks his story will go longer than 50k anyhow.

Meanwhile, like I said, I'm just puttering along trying my damnedest to get my word counts written.  I'm pretty excited about my story.  So far, my poor character, who I named Kate, has had a rough 1,792 words.  Her life will start to get better soon, which should be fun to write.  I'm going to start a blog for Kate, which will serve as a portion of the book, but it will be completely private -- sorry! I think that's going to be fun, especially since blogging is my favorite pastime!  Writing one for my Fictional Miss should be amazing fun, and somewhat unconventional, which I love.

So, I guess it's not exactly like the tortoise & the hare, since we're not competing, and because I'm pretty sure the hare is going to kick the crap out of the tortoise.  I'll make it to the end this year, I'll win the race if it kills me!  But, for now I'm off, have much more studying to do.  Wish me luck on my Geology test, and keeping up with NaNoWriMo.  If you're participating this year, good luck -- you can do it, I know you can!!  If you haven't signed up, it's not too late!!