Sunday, November 29, 2009


I can't believe it's almost Monday already.  Thanksgiving was nice, Matt and I had food and napped and spent the day together, which was awesome.  We went for pie at a friend's house, which was really nice until my wisdom tooth started to bother me.  All in all, even though I got a toothache, Thanksgiving was nice.  I miss my family, but then that's nothing new for the holidays.

I spent all day yesterday, and all day today (and I mean literally) studying for my geology test.  The test is tomorrow and I don't feel like I know anything.  This test, which is over 3 sections, is the hardest test we've had so far and I don't think he gave many (if any) extra point days, so I'm on my own with this one.   The problem is, I epic failed the lab final last Monday, so I really need to do okay on the lecture tests just to make a C in this class.  Right now, even after the whole weekend spent studying, I feel like I'm going to fail it.

This is not my usual doom and gloom, believe me, there's a difference between freaking out for no reason and freaking out when there's plenty of reason!  This is the second, there's plenty of reason.  If I don't pass this test, and I fail the class as a result, then I don't graduate, and don't go to grad school and everything is messed up.  I do mean EVERYTHING.  If I don't graduate, I can't get anymore financial aid because I already had it repackaged.  Everything's set for me to move on, I just need to actually do it and graduate, which is riding on this class.

Oh, and did I mention that just to make matters worse I have to mail my video card to Alienware to have them fix it.  So, my desktop doesn't work.  Not only does that suck, it's down right bad right now since my netbook doesn't have MS Word, just Works, and I have a 20-25 page paper due in a week.  Yay for my shitty luck.

And, if I didn't feel shitty enough, I failed at NaNoWriMo but lucky me I got to watch Matt validate and collect the winner goodies.  I'm proud of him, but I feel pretty damn unhappy that I didn't finish.

Ugh, okay, I'm done bitching.  I know this probably sounded like a crazy amount of rambling.  I'll let you know how it goes.  For now, even though it's only 9pm, I'm going to bed.  I'm going to get up early in the morning and study some more before class.  Wish me luck, I need all the good luck and good vibes I can get!

I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving.  See you on the other side of doom test! :(