Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Brain Scramble 2.0

Whew!  I have a whole bunch of different stuff today, not just one cohesive topic, so bear with me.

First, I made a 76 on doom test!!  I know that's a C, but I'm proud of it.  When I expressed to my prof that it was a really hard test, he said that the grades weren't really good across the board, so I don't feel bad about it at all.  Okay, first he said, "Was it really?" like he didn't realize it was the hardest test we've had.   Then he told me grades weren't great.  When he gave me mine, he looked at the grade and said, "not too bad, you didn't lose anything by it."  Damn skippy!

Next up, NaNoWriMo.  I failed.  I gave it a shot, got half-way there, but had too much to do.  I'm trying to take everyone's advice and not feel terrible about it.  However, now that it's over and the goal's not 50k in a month, I've changed my sidebar widget to say 75k as the word goal.  That's an approximation, but I'm to 25k and she has only finished two of the 10 goals she'll do in part one of the book.  I'm hoping to have another 10 goals planned for the second part of the book.  It just might go over 75k, but hopefully not over 100k.  If so, then I'll have to pare it down in edits.  Maybe I can consolidate down to 5 goals per half, don't know.   I'm really planning to dig in to that project over Christmas break.

Speaking of which, I'll be completely done after my final on December 10th.   The unfortunate test is at 8am, which is just not cool.  I don't take 8am classes, I sure the hell don't want to take 8am finals.  Stupid final schedule, I will never understand why they do this.  Why can't finals be at the same time, in the same place, as the damn class is?  If someone knows, please tell me... please.  Or is my awesome school the only one who does this?  I know when I was in community college this wasn't a problem.  Finals were just on the last class day.  Then I went to the university and there's this!  Gah!

I cannot wait to graduate!!!  I am so freaking excited.  When I get my degree, expect to see a lot of pictures!  Seriously, that's not a joke or an exaggeration.  Of course, there won't be pictures of the graduation ceremony because I'm not walking.  Gone to one grad, gone to them all.  My plan was to buy announcements and send them to every single person I've ever known... and I do mean every single one!  Especially the ones that doubted my ability to get this done.  I know it's taken me forever, but I'm finally done, thank the maker!  No, there will be no announcements because it's too costly, and no ceremony pictures, just pics of my degree and lots of cheering!

On the topic of graduation, I'm reminded about grad school.  I can't wait to start full time as a grad student with a bachelor's degree, rather than an undergrad tagging along.  I got a really nice follow up letter, or two, from the English graduate coordinator encouraging me not to worry about the grade requirement and to go to my prof's for help.  I'm feeling much better.

Finally, now that I've rambled on about everything else, there's one last thing.  According to weather.com, it's supposed to SNOW here in the morning!!  I can't wait and while I'm sure I'll be disappointed if it doesn't snow, I would love to see it!  Of course, I hope they don't cancel classes.  They cancel class here for in-climate weather like sleet, ice, and snow.  I need to go to history and geology tomorrow.  History because he's going to impart to us the potential essays for the final, and Geology because there's 12 pages of notes left and one day, which he can't possibly get done with, so I need to find out about what'll be on the final.

TLDR; Yay 76 on doom test!!  75k+ word goal for novel.  Done with school by Dec 10.  Yay graduation!!  Nice letter from Grad coordinator, yay!! Finally,  Yes snow, No classes canceled.

Have a good one, I'm off to finish studying for my geology make-up essay test!