Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's snowing!

I had a really rough day yesterday, but I'm going to skip regaling you with the whole tale until another day.  Today I come with something much more exciting: It's snowing!  It's snowing in central Texas!  The weather said it was supposed to be 65 degrees and sunny today, but when I woke up, it was snowing like crazy.  Not a few flurries here and there, but a full fledged snow storm.  It's even gathering on the ground!    When I saw it, I expected that it might do this for a half an hour or so and just stop and melt away, but it's been steadily snowing for the past few hours.  It's nearly to the point where we can't see the grass beneath the snow.

I'm just so excited, and maybe even more so because it's Christmas eve and it's snowing.  Weather is saying it's supposed to be sunny and 45 degrees tomorrow, but if the snow doesn't melt away we could have a semi-white Christmas.  I've never had a white Christmas, ever.  Even when I lived at home and it snowed, it never snowed on Christmas.  Matt, of course, hasn't either.  Until a few years ago, he had only seen snow once ever when he was like 8 years old.

I took a few pictures when I first woke up, but none of them came out very good.  I also took a few videos, but they don't seem to want to upload with any clarity... boo!  So, I tried one more time and here's what I've come up with.  It's a pretty good pic, if I do say so myself.  My sad little 3.1 megapix, 3x optical zoom digital camera needs to be replaced in the worst way!

The snow has almost stopped, but it's still flurrying.  I hope it starts up again and that the wind dies down.  It's my only regret about this, the wind, if it keeps up like this, it'll blow the clouds away and it just might be sunny tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that doesn't happen.  I'd really like to have more than one day of snow, though I'm also grateful for what we're getting.  It's been steadily getting colder for the last few hours, it was 29 degrees when I got up, it's now 26 degrees.  Today, even Matt's consenting to running the heater!

I asked him to put something Christmas-y on the TV and he came up with "White Christmas" on AMC.  I generally hate Christmas movies, but this time the jokes on him, it's a musical!  So we're watching it, but when it's over I may just put in "Love Actually" which is one of the only Christmas movies I like.  It would seem that AMC is playing "White Christmas" all day and all night today and tomorrow, so if you enjoy Christmas movies and want to see it, there's still plenty of time to check it out!

Wherever you are, whatever your doing, I hope you have an amazing Christmas!  A very Happy Holidays to your and yours, from me and mine!

**UPDATE:  It's blizzarding again!!!  Yay!! :D

I saw this and thought it was cute -- I was going to graduate college and pursue my goals, but then who would make dinner?!  Ha!