Sunday, December 13, 2009


So, now that I'm officially on Christmas break, there's a ton of stuff I had planned to do.  Oh, before I go on, I made all B's this last semester, came through with a solid 3.0 GPA and am happy to be moving on.  Anyway, I was thinking last night that if I got around to doing everything I said, "I can't wait for Christmas break to get that done," I wouldn't have much of a break.  Breaks are about relaxing, after all.  So, it's looking like I'm going to have to pare down my list of want-to-do's.  I have one month break.  School's back in on January 19th, so it's a bit more than a month, more like five weeks.  Still, I'd like to have time to just veg.

Here's what I wanted to do over Christmas break:

  1. Work on Remembering Tomorrow & Love's Daughter (novel projects)

  2. Finish Blood Noir & Read Skin Trade (Laurell K. Hamilton)

  3. Read Achilles in Vietnam (Jonathan Shay)

  4. Read Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife & Darcy & Elizabeth (Linda Berdoll)

  5. Start on the Graduate Reading List!

  6. Game with Matt

  7. Start & Finish this

  8. Rest & sleep in

  9. Play some  WoW

  10. Clean my house

The chances that I'll get all that done are pretty terrible.  First of all, gaming is a HUGE time drain.  We sit down to game and before we know it, an entire day has gone by with nothing to show for it but the game.  It's fun, but it's time consuming.  Matt's really into it, so I want to give him as much time as I can, but I don't want to spend my whole break (or even half of it) gaming.  There're other things I want to do.  I'm thinking I might just do half the stuff on the list, instead.

I even know which half!  I'll definitely work on my novel, but not both of them, only the Remembering Tomorrow project.  I'll read the two LKH books because there're two new ones coming out in February & May of 2010, Flirt and Bullet.  I'd really like to catch up with my favorite vampires, werecritters, and their necromancer/vampire slayer/federal Marshall ring leader, Anita.  That way, I'll be able to get and read the two new books when they're available.  The rest of the reading will have to wait unless I get the two Anita books done in a hurry.  There're actually a heck of a lot more books I wanted to stuff into the break, but those are the ones I wanted to read most.

I'll probably get the house cleaned, it's not really terribly messy right now, so it shouldn't a problem.  Keeping it clean will be the issue because, well, I'm lazy right now and don't want to pick it up.  I need a new vacuum, again, but it'll have to wait.  I probably won't get the cross-stitch done.  I've been trying to get around to it forever, but no luck so far.  Maybe I'll work on it over spring break, but I'm sure I'll have plenty more to do by then.  Suppose we'll see.  I'm also not going to work on the graduate reading list right now.

I am definitely going to rest, sleep, and play WoW.  That much is certain.  I just wish I could see my way to not overbooking my breaks so that I wouldn't, in turn, feel terrible about not getting everything I had planned to do done.  Maybe I need therapy or something, I seem to have a constant need to feel guilty about something, or worry about something.  I'm an obsessive worrier!  See, I even worry about being worried!

On that note, I'm off to not get anything done some more! ;)