Sunday, December 6, 2009


I'm happy to report that I've finished my research paper!  After edits, work cited not withstanding, my paper is a full 19 pages.  I can say that I have never worked harder on any paper, ever, nor have I ever been happier to be done with any assignment.   Had it been about The House of Mirth's story, I wouldn't have had nearly this much trouble.  Unfortunately, the story was a distant secondary concern as I struggled to write about Edith Wharton as she appears in the manuscripts and typescripts.

Later tonight, or perhaps tomorrow, I'll look it over again to be sure that it makes sense, that the MLA is correct, and that I've cited every source I used.  Then, come 6pm, I turn it in and hope for the best.  Wish me luck, I may need it, I've struggled.

Now, of course, I only have two days to study for my 3 finals.  I need a least that long for just Geology, but time's short so I'm going to have to make it work.  Luckily, while two of my finals are on Wednesday, the other's not until Thursday morning, so I have a tiny bit more time to study for that one.  Which reminds me that I need to double check my finals times to make sure that I show up for the right finals at the right times.

Several semesters ago, I showed up for what I thought was my Brit Lit II final, turns out it was actually my Genre Studies final and I was seriously unprepared.  I hadn't studied for the Genre Studies final, I didn't have any blue books, nothing.  The girl that sat in front of me gave me two blue books, which I filled all the way.  I made an A in Genre Studies, even after that.  I was really, really fortunate that the classes had been in the same room, otherwise I'd have completely missed the Genre Studies final!

Hopefully, when finals are over, I can blog more.  I blogged my face off last month, but this month hasn't been nearly as productive on this front.

Speaking of productive.  While I've been writing my paper, all week, I managed to get my house cleaned up!   I find it really hard to sit and work on my work, so I did all the laundry, did the dishes, took out the trash, I even washed all the sheets and blankets, and throw pillows.  Might just have to clean the bathrooms tonight, but I really should be studying for my finals.  I'll probably blow off the studying tonight and wish like hell that I hadn't.

Hope y'all are having a good week/weekend.  I'm in the home run stretch, just need to keep running.  Four more days to go!