Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Begining of the End!

Today was my last class day as an undergrad!  I really wanted to report that I feel different, like I've reached a milestone or met an accomplishment, but I don't.  I'm thinking it's because I still have finals, so I'm not totally done.  But, I will never sit in another undergraduate lecture again... thank the maker!  About that fact, I feel pretty good -- so good, I've apparently turned to starting sentences with conjunctions.  I clearly win at English, my degree will say so, I date you to argue with me!

Yesterday was pretty good, too.  Look at me, having good days, can you believe it?!  I think, as far as yesterday is concerned, I was riding on the happiness of being done with the double-geology-whammy.  Doom test + make-up test = total melt down.  Now that it's over, I'm pretty darn pleased with myself.

I picked up my revised degree plan, which I have to file to get my history minor on my transcript, from the English department yesterday after my classes were over -- it was freaking freezing yesterday, by the way -- and turned it in to the registrar.  When I got there, I told the woman who does degree plans that if filing a revised degree plan was going to mess up my graduation in anyway, I didn't want to do it, history minor be damned.  She was very understanding, checked it out, put the history minor on there, and happily reported that if I pass everything this semester, I'll have my minor.  3 cheers!!  The fact is, I need every hour from this semester anyway, so it's nothing new or different.  So, I'm officially an English major with a history minor!

While I was up there, at the English department, I had the opportunity to stop in to see my absolute favorite professor, Dr. Y!  She was totally swamped but took a few (20 or so) minutes out to chat with me.  We had a nice conversation about my Thesis.  I'm doing the Greeks, about which I am amazingly pleased.  My thesis will be a comparative literature thesis.  I was considering doing American lit for my thesis, the American Gothic women to be more specific (Chopin, Gilman, and Wharton), but my heart is really with the Greeks.  I'm so excited to get started, but the specifics haven't been ironed out yet.  I really don't need to start worrying about it yet, but I am anyway.  I'm going to be asking Dr. Y to be my committee chair, then Dr. C and... well, I'm not sure yet.  Maybe Dr. F since he's a rhetorician and I'm doing the Greeks, it makes sense.  Just not sure yet, and this probably doesn't mean much to most of you anyway.

I did get one bit of bad news.  Degrees won't be printed until next semester!  I want the damn thing NOW!  I'm not walking, not doing all that crap, I just want my degree.  Stupid Christmas break getting in the way of my achievement!

Then, I went and had lunch with my best gal Melanie, which was really nice.  We're both pretty busy but it was great to just sit down and chill for a bit.  After lunch I went home with her, then up to the school while she was in class, so I could work on my paper.  Then I was home.  By that point, I wasn't feeling particularly great, but I'm equating it to being tired.

Before I could go to bed, though, I decided to take the bed off the frame.  So, my bed is ghetto, sitting on the floor, because the frame is broken.  Matt and I managed to break it *cough* so the bed was totally lopsided.  After sleeping on it like that for a few nights, very uncomfortably, I decided another night was so not happening.  So, I took it off the frame and slept better for the effort.  Matt hates it on the floor, even though it has the box-spring under it,  but he should have thought of that before he helped me break it! Ha!

Anyway, today's been much less fun, even though I did have my very last undergraduate lecture.  I worked on my paper for Bib & Research, which is my grad class and the only big project I have left other than finals, and I managed to get two measly pages written.  Mostly, I spent the time editing and rearranging what I've written because my professor was not impressed with what I had so far.  I consider those two pages a triumph, considering that I cut a whole bunch of crap out.  So, really, it was much more than two pages, even though my page count didn't get far.  The paper's due Monday, so I'm on a time crunch.  I'm buckling down and will get it done, come hell or high water!

Now, it's 9pm and I'm off to scrounge up dinner.  Hope your week's been a heck of a lot less busy than mine!