Saturday, January 23, 2010

The 2 1/2 hour haircut

Since I mentioned in the previous post that I was going for a much needed haircut, I thought I'd share some of the pics of my new cut with you.   There's actually something of a story to go along with them, but pictures first...


Okay, so there you have it.  Please disregard the rather stupid faces I'm making in most of these pictures, I can't help it, I'm not all that photogenic these days.  Besides, the pics are about the hair!

So, the wind was blowing like crazy yesterday and my hair appointment got moved up from 5pm to 1pm because the gal that was to cut my hair had some cancellations.  I jumped at the earlier appointment, but asked Matt to drive me because it was crazy windy.  Reluctantly, he agreed, but told me that he was going to go to Hastings to wait.  Since neither of us have a cell phone, I told him not to do that, just to wait.  He told me if I wanted a ride, he was going to Hastings to wait, to which I could not but nod.  When he dropped me off, I told him to be back in about a half an hour.  That's what I expect a haircut to take, 30 minutes.  He agreed, but when I went inside, I found that the lady wasn't back from lunch.  That's my fault, not hers, since I was about 10 minutes or so early.

I waited for her for about 20 minutes and when she got back we talked about what sort of cut I wanted for another, oh, 10 minutes or so.  After that, it was off to the wash, which I think probably took about 15 minutes.  My hair is very thick, and honestly, I love the feel of someone else washing my hair. I could go to sleep like that and let them wash my hair forever!  She cut and dryed and flat ironed my hair and I left the salon looking like I'd just left a salon!  When I got outside and into the car, Matt looked at me like he might kill me and said, "You were in there two and a half hours!"

Now, he swears up and down that he wasn't mad at me, but I think he probably was.  Of course, if he reads this and finds out I'm telling you he's mad at me, he'll be mad at me, so it's really 6 of one, half dozen of the other.  Anyway, he liked my haircut, but it didn't get the reaction I was really hoping for.  I told him that I was going to make him an appointment with the gal who cut my hair, to which he replied that he was NOT going there, citing the lengthy time it took for her to cut mine.  I hardly think it'll take so long to run a clipper through his hair and scissor the top.

So, now I look fabulous for my job interview!  I can wear my hair down with much more ease and since she textured it, it feel much lighter.  Whether it is or not, I don't know.  All in all, it was worth the two and a half hours it took to get it cut!  I am definitely going back to her... definitely!