Monday, February 15, 2010

10 years!!

Happy (slightly-belated) Valentine's Day!  I would have posted yesterday, had  Matt and I not stayed in bed until 11:30am. We did, though, and it was nice, so here it is today!

This year marked our 10th wedding anniversary.  We were married February 14, 2000 in Waco, TX.  We didn't do a big wedding, we just went, the two of us, and got married at the court house by a JP.  The ceremony was short, but it was also quaint and lovely, without all the pomp that comes with a big wedding.  I've always felt like that was a good decision for us.  Big weddings are a pain in the rump, they bring with them all sorts of stress, and it wasn't something I felt like I could ever, ever do again.  Also, I really don't like weddings, so having another one wasn't on my list of priorities -- especially given how the first one turned out.  Also, we had been together only 8 months when we got married, so there was no long engagement either.  All in all, it was a small, very personal affair and something I've always felt good about.

The day we went to get married, I wore a gray skirt and a blue beaded sweater that buttoned up the front with pearl buttons -- an outfit I got with the $100 my mom sent me when she heard I was getting married (a story for another time).  We were waiting for the JP when a clerk stopped, looked at us, and said, "You gettin' married?"  We agreed that we were, to which he replied, "Lucky man, marryin' her."  I still remember it, both because I was flattered, and because it made me laugh.  Matt agreed that he was, but all I could think is that the clerk wouldn't say that if he knew me.  Ha!  No, it was a nice thing to say, and it completely off set what would happen after we said our "I do's."

When the ceremony was over and the JP was paid, he signed our marriage license and we walked it across the street to the municipal building where we would take it to be filed.  Texas has some weird laws about marriage.  One I found most funny asked if we were related on the application for the marriage license.  I almost laughed out loud.  Anyway, when we got into the elevator at the court house after we got married, there was a woman in there crying her eyes out.  She asked us if we were married, and when we told her just so, she shook her head and showed us her divorce papers.  This poor woman was filing her divorce on Valentine's Day!  I felt just horrible for her, especially since she was so upset about it.  I mean, if she wanted to get married, or if she was laughing about what a horrible bastard her soon-to-be-ex was, I probably wouldn't have felt bad, or remembered, but she was just so distraught.

After that, trying to put that sad woman out of our minds with sympathy, we went to the game shop where everyone congratulated us.  Man, I miss being able to go to that place!  Just one more piece of Waco I loved and lost when we moved away -- now a days, that game shop is nothing like it was.  It's not cozy or friendly, it's sort of dark and filled with dozens of ill-adjusted teenage Warhammer/Magic geeks.  Afterwards, we went to Johnny Carinos for dinner, which was amazing as I love that place, and that was that!  It was a beautiful day, with beautiful weather, and one of the happiest of my life.

For years after, we went to Johnny Carinos (how I love their Peach Bellini!!) for dinner on Valentine's Day to celebrate.  It was almost a tradition, then we moved here, and it's too far to drive to Waco just to have dinner.  It may be that when the rest of my financial aid comes in March that we'll go to Waco and have dinner at Carinos and go to the Waco Zoo (one of my favorite places in Cameron Park!) for old times sake.  Might even be that we could get Amanda and Karen to join us!

This year, however, we didn't go anywhere for Valentine's Day.  Well, okay, we did go to Wal-Mart for the groceries for dinner, but that doesn't really count.  Unlike the day we got married, yesterday was cloudy and windy and cold.  Had it been warm, like it was the day before yesterday, I might have tried to talk Matt into a picnic in the park.  It's not really his thing, but I think he would have done it and had a good time, had I wanted to.  When I asked him, while in Wal-Mart, what he wanted for dinner, he said he wanted manicotti, which I refused.  Manicotti is a pain in the ass and I don't like it enough to spend so much time in the kitchen cooking it -- that said, Matt actually refuses to eat manicotti in restaurants, claiming mine's better, so maybe I should have given in just to get the inevitable compliments that would have come with such a meal.    Ultimately not, I mean, it was my anniversary too and I didn't want to spend it cooking.  So, we had fettuccine alfredo with grilled chicken and shrimp which was quick and easy, but tasted amazing!

The day would have been perfect if it hadn't been that Wal-Mart was a mad house.  Everyone and their mother was out, buying last minute gifts, while clerks were trying to take down the Valentine's Day section and consolidate everything down to one isle.  What a mess!  It wasn't even that bad around Thanksgiving.  Then, when I was sleeping last night, I woke up coughing because the air in the house was acrid, like molten-chemical-death or burning-rubber.  Matt said it was the heater, but that nothing was on fire.  The smell went away, after a few hours, but made it hard to even sleep and we still have zero idea what caused it.

And you know, I learned something very interesting this year.  There are a hell of a lot of people who do not like Valentine's Day.  I mean, I knew that some people didn't like it, but it seems like a lot of people just down right hate it!  I learned this by way of Facebook, where you can always rely on people to either be encouraging, or downright ugly.  No one was rude about it, when I was posting that it was my anniversary and that I was looking forward to it, but I did get a few private messages giving me a hard time for folding to commercialism and getting married on the most cliche of days.  I just don't get it, I like it and I always have.   Maybe it's because I haven't been alone on Valentine's Day since I was 15 years old.  Even still, before that my folks always went out of their way to get us something for Valentine's Day, so it was a holiday I grew up enjoying.

So, now that I've written more than I had intended when I opened the blank post, I'm off to do something productive.  I hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful, no matter how you might feel about the holiday and in the words of Jacqueline Carey, someone whom I greatly admire, "Love as thou wilt."


  1. I loved reading this entry. I've never heard the details of your wedding before (nor did I know that you were married on Valentine's Day!), so I'm glad you took the time to tell this story. I think it's incredibly romantic to get married on Valentine's Day; it would add more depth to the holiday.

    For me, facebook gave me the exact opposite experience as what you described. Every single person on my list was so gushy about the whole day, posting message after mushy message to their sweethearts that it got annoying after awhile. I don't hate Valentine's Day; I actually feel pretty neutral about the whole day, but at the same time I don't want to get bombarded with mushy gushy sugary-sweet status updates for an entire week straight, just because the 14th happens to be approaching. I think I would have actually felt relieved just to see ONE message complaining about V-Day, just for a change of pace.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) I felt a little full of myself with this post, and I left a few things out, but over all, that's it.

    I agree with you about the Facebook hoopla leading up to Valentine's Day, it's so annoying! I didn't post anything much about it, just that it was coming up and it was my anniversary. This elicited some unhappy private mail, but some of my friends also left me nice comments wishing me a happy anniversary, so that was nice. Matt doesn't use Facebook, so posting mushy updates to him would be extra annoying, as he wouldn't see them. Also, I'm not much of a mushy person.

  3. Happy Anniversary Kristyn! 10 years--Wow! Your wedding day sounds really sweet. I don't like weddings either. I am missing the wedding planning gene that most women have. Jeremy and I married in Laughlin, with a two week notice given to our family. The ceremony was incredibly short, and didn't cost us much. Even so, I still wish we had just taken a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon and been married, with just my sister there.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Yay for 10 years!

    I agree about the J.P. thing! We ran to the courthouse and got married on a whim and I never regretted it. I dislike weddings for a host of reasons and I couldn't imagine needing a big "EVERYONE LOOK AT ME" party just because I landed a man!

    That's very cute what the clerk said!! And I DID laugh out loud when I saw that the marriage license application asked if you were related!! Very amusing! I wonder how many people check "yes".

    I love manicotti, but I agree, it's a pain in the ass to make, and at least my recipe, asks for you to start I the night before. How am I supposed to know the night before that I'll be craving manicotti?! *snicker*

    One year Hubby and I ended up in a Wal-Mart on Valentine's day picking up a couple of things, and the guy in front of us was checking out, buying chocolates, a big stuffed animal bear and a 12-pack of condoms and we laugh about it to this day. It's silly, but it just cracked us up. At least it was safe sex!!

    I don't know why people hate Valentine's day. I guess if you're alone, it's a day that reminds you that you are. Also, it IS really over-commercialized. Still, I don't know why people would have a problem with your anniversary date. Even if you now realize it was a "mistake" to get married on such a cliché day (lol) it's not like you can fix it!!

    I think people just love being part of the "rebel" cause, whatever it may be. Last week on facebook and twitter, all I saw was people patting themselves on the back for hating the Super Bowl. A couple weeks before that, there was some other thing everyone was proud to be against. Eh, whatever.

    Personally, though, I wouldn't get married on Vday because it's like being born on xmas. You don't get as many gifts! HA! (Okay, we don't really exchange gifts for holidays usually, but if we DID! *smile*)

  5. Thank you, Shannon!! Matt and I feel really good about our 10 years! :) I had no idea you married in Laughlin, but it sounds nice! My younger sister, Staci, married in Vegas when she married fail-husband (aka Mark) and their wedding was really very nice.

    Looking back, the one, and only, thing I regret is not going to have our pictures taken that day. It would have been nice to look back on it with something to remember it by, other than my failing memory.

  6. Thanks!! Oh, I tried to leave you a rather long comment earlier but it got eaten by my stupidity (forgot to put in my name and mail before I hit "comment" and it got gobbled up!)... I fail.

    Anyway, I don't like them either. I had one the first time and it didn't work out for me. I think it's a lot of money and a lot of stress, and given what the divorce rate is in this country, starting a marriage with a ton of stress isn't 100% awesome. All that said, I did have one the first time and it was beautiful... it was also doomed. I think the way Matt and I did it was very "us." You're not more, or less, married without the white dress.

    It makes me giggle just thinking about it, honestly. I mean, I guess people try to marry their step-siblings, which is illegal in Texas. Still, I don't remember it being on the California marriage license application, so maybe it's a southern thing.

    I love manicotti, too, but damn the work involved in that. Not to mention, and regardless of Matt's compliments to my cooking, I still don't have manicotti down. Frankly, lately, I don't have much of any pasta down. It always sticks together, or tears apart. I think my problem is I'm over cooking it. I don't honestly know. It still comes out good, but I usually just cheat by slitting the shell open along one side and filling it then rolling it up.

    LOL @ flowers and condoms!! I suppose its better to be safe than sorry, still, it's hilarious! When I buy things that embarrass me at Wal-Mart, I always do self-check out, and I cover the offending item up with other items while I'm walking around. I'm such a prude sometimes.

    I've been thinking about this and I think Valentine's Day strikes at the heart, for good or ill. If you're happy and in love, or at least in a relationship, it makes everything brighter and more cheerful; if you're alone and miserable, then it makes everything gloomier and just emphasizes that you're alone. Ya know? Funny thing though, one of the people who sent me an email giving me shit about getting married on V-Day stopped sending me mail when I told him that I had never been alone on Valentine's since I was 15 years old, so why should I dislike it. Poor guy is single.

    Oh, and I agree about people following the trends. I mean, I was posting about hating the SB, but I had a good reason. Most of those people probably have no idea why they hate it, other than they hate it because others do, too!

    We were going to get married on Leap Year Day, at first, but decided that would be entirely too confusing, so we decided upon V-Day, instead!

  7. awwww it's soo adorable! I feel honored to have been at The Game Closet the day you guys were married. I remember you lookin all cute and even blushing a little when the guys congratulated you. awwww Back when the Game Closet was still located in the little strip mall and had convienently located candy dispensors right outside the shop.
    Is it wierd that you talk about your wedding day and I have a sudden and strong urge to play Shadowrun or paint figurines?

  8. Yeah, in that strip mall that got torn down to build that huge Target! Do you remember when they were on Sanger Ave, in that little strip mall by the jewelry store? I liked that shop!! Last time we were in Waco, we went by there and they had moved. We hunted them down, they're in this HUGE, dark, cavernous space with all the windows covered up with posters, on Franklin Ave., by Mike's Music Box and the old comic shop. Frankly, I was really uncomfortable when we went in there, which made me sad. They put the books all the way in the back, so you have to walk through the gaming area to get to them. Tons of kids playing Magic, or whatever, and when we went in Q wasn't there. He's sole owner now, you know. Anyway, I was a little creeped out, maybe because I didn't expect it. *shrug*

    And it is totally NOT weird that it makes you want to play Shadowrun or pain Mini's. Oh man, I am terrible at paining minis, do you remember that?! Oh, and remember coming over and going swimming when we lived at the apartments across from the Mall. Man, those were the days! Sometimes I forget you knew us before we were married!