Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home, Safe & Sound

Well, I guess the news right now is that I'm home safe and sound.  My aunt and I got in to Springtown about 6:30 p.m. last night, and when Matt got there to pick me up we went out to BBQ with my Aunt Sue and Uncle Ed before heading home.  We got here about 10:30 p.m or so, I took a shower, we spent some time together, and I hit the hay.  I must say, though I miss California, and my family and the friends I was able to reconnect with, it's also good to be home and sleeping in my own bed... I just wish that bed was in California and not Texas, but we'll get that little problem fixed as soon as humanly possible.  Come on May 2012, hurry the hell up and get here!

Anyway, my trip to California was really nice.  I had the chance to see my mom, dad, and Candi, Aunt Sue and Uncle Ed, Grandma and Papa, Aunt Wanda, cousins Ron, Shana, and their little boy Joseph, Aunt Pam, and Jodi and Shannon.  I have a few friends in California I was regretfully not able to see, but am hoping to get together with next time (Kristine, Mary, Mayren, & Brenda, most notably).  It didn't seem like nearly enough time, as I was only in California for 7 days counting the day we got there and the day we left, but I really feel like I was able to make the most of it anyway.  I'd say it was a booming success considering the short notice.  I only found out that my aunt was going at all about two weeks before we left.

While I was in California, my mom took me all over the desert.  We went to the High Desert Farmer's Market, at Victorvalley College, which was huge!  We went to an amazing bakery in Apple Valley called The Cake Shop where I got cookies, she and Candi got Canoli's, and my dad got a Lemon Drop Cupcake.  We also went to this fantastic antique shop in Hesperia called Carriage House Antiques, where I wanted everything, but most especially the cranberry glass dishes!  I couldn't find a website for Carriage House Antiques, but if you click the link you'll be able to see it!

We also went around and looked at apartments.  Today, I've been looking at their websites, trying to figure out what they cost so that when we move, I have a general idea.  I know, it's still a few years off, but I'm in the giddy frame of mind about it.  I want it now, and looking at apartments is helping me cope with my desire to pull up stakes, which we can't do for at least two years.  I've found that apartments in Victorville are cheaper than those in Hesperia, ran by the same property company, and so we might be living in Victorville instead.  $400 less a month is a huge difference for the same or more square footage.  Some nice looking apartments, too, like Wimbledon in Victorville, where you can get 950 sq. ft. for $725/month.  That's pretty good, I think, for a 2 bed, 1.5 bath apartment with laundry hook-ups.  Of course, I'm not sure where Jasmine is in Victorville, but the apartment's look nice, anyway.

I was able to get together with Jodi last Tuesday, and then both Jodi and Shannon on Friday.  It was really, really great to see them after all these years.  They've hardly changed, they look exactly the way I remember them, though I know the same can't be said for me.  We went out and had dinner, and I got to see Jodi's house.  That little pond in front of her house is even cuter in person!  I just love her place there in Hesperia (and I LOVE her dining room table and chairs, I must say!).  We all had a good time catching up, we cleared the air on some issues, and shared our lives as best we could over the last 11 or so years.  It's really interesting to reconnect with people who you haven't seen in years, but who blog, and read your blog.  I must say, I'm so glad we got to get together again.  It's filled me with nostalgia and it's a little funny, too, because the truth of the matter is, we're all so different on so much.  The one thing that drives us to be friends, at least now a days, is our desire to be friends.  We've found comfortable middle ground, for which I am most grateful.

The trip there and home were nice too, though seeing my grandma was hard.  She's sick, has been through a lot over the last two years, and she looked a lot different than I remember.  She still looked like grandma, and she didn't, and I know it was hard for her when I left yesterday.  I also know she was very glad to see me, as I was her, and from what I hear she's very taken with my manners and how much of an adult I am nowadays.  Even my Aunt Wanda who hadn't seen me in almost 15 years, thinks I've turned into quite a lovely adult, settled and comfortable (as opposed to childish and unsettled, which I was with Mike).  I'm happy to hear that they all approve, lol.  Seriously, though, it's nice to know everyone was happy to see me.  Matt and I are planning to go back in June (most likely) and see them again when my folks come out from California.

So, there you have it.  I'm off for now because Matt's hovering, he wants to go out and eat.  Can't say I blame him, he missed me as much as I missed him... and we're hungry.

* Short Update:  Someone related to the Carriage House Antiques was nice enough to leave me a comment with the web address.  So, I've included it here.