Sunday, March 28, 2010


I've always been a terrible tester.  Even when I know a subject, there's something about testing that scares the good sense out of me.  When I was in elementary school, I was in RSP and so wasn't required to take part in the standardized testing that everyone did every two years, or so.  When I went to high school, I took a few AP classes, but never took the tests because I was afraid to fail them.  I never took the SAT or ACT tests, again, because I was afraid to fail them, and because I didn't need them since I was going to Community College.  The only standardized tests I've ever taken was the AccuPlacer when I moved to Texas, because you can't enroll in any college in Texas without it, and the Writing Proficiency Exam at Tarleton, because no one graduates without having passed it.

With all that in mind, I signed up for the GRE a few days ago, and I'm feeling very woozy about it.  I got a reminder in my email today, which brought it back to mind.  My appointment to take the computer-based GRE is Tuesday at 2pm in Waco.  The fact is, I've put it off for too long.  I need to take it, I can't register for classes on for Summer or Fall until I do.  It's $160, so I decided that now was a good time, since I have the money.  Now that I'm registered, I'm not feeling particularly good about it.  I've taken the practice GRE questions on the website several times and never scored about 65% on any of the sections and considerably worse on the math parts.

I feel like I've got a good education, but I'm a terrible critical thinker.  I suck at Math, of every kind.  Needless to say, I'm really worried that I won't do well.  There is one consolation right now, and that's that my school doesn't care what you make, only that you take it.  Still, it reflects me and my ability, and so I want to do well.  I'm not holding my breath, I know I won't do well, but I'm hoping that my scores on the writing part will compensate for my inability to do well on the other parts.  If there's anything I do well, it's write.  Anyway, Tuesday is the day, which cuts into my schedule in a major way, but what has to be done, has to be done.

Wish me luck.