Wednesday, April 7, 2010

School, Freelance Writing, & Twitter Troubles

Things have been so busy lately.  I'm not feeling well today, so bear with me as I try to work my way through this.  I've been considering taking the night off, but all that will get me is behind.  I have a paper due next week over this book and attending the lecture will be helpful, so I really need to go.  Not to mention my fear that not going will negatively impact my grade, never mind the fact that my classmates have carte blanche to miss when they please.  I know it should just worry about myself and not what they're doing, but there seems to be a serious break-down in a system where some students are expected to attend 100%, while others aren't even there 50% of the time.  The sad part is, those who missed most of the classes will still pass.  Do I sound bitter about this?

Nevermind that, I'll probably go so there's nothing more to say.  In other, non-school related business, I've been writing my fingers off.  I've written several articles for Demand Studios each day for the last few days, most of which have gone through without a hitch.  I've also been working, slowly, on my Suite101 articles because the only way to make money over there is to write heavily keyword optimized articles that get hits.  I've been having a good time with it, too.  So many people are down on Demand, but ever time an editor tells me "good work" or an article goes through without the need for edits, I'm proud of my efforts.  Those who don't, and never have, written for Demand seem to have made a hobby out of bashing them, but they're good steady employment and articles written for them are thoroughly edited and fact-checked to ensure that they're quality work.  I feel good about what I'm doing over there, which is yielding me a little less than $15 an hour right now, that's one article ever hour and fifteen minutes or so, because I'm making sure to thoroughly check what I'm doing.  I'm hoping to pick up the pace soon, so I can make more like $20-30 an hour.  All this, making money by writing, is making me feel better about our chances to live this summer by our own efforts.

Let's see, in an effort to present myself more professionally, I've registered a new domain.  If you'd like to see it, you can find it at  If you're not interested and don't want to click the link, it won't hurt my feelings, but I thought I'd share for those who are.  It's basically a profile site where I've put my profile, resume, and the like.  It'll be my hub site, from now on, when I look for freelance work outside the confines of Helium, Demand, and Suite101.  I decided on .info because, well, it's an information site about me so it's appropriate and would you believe it was only $3.99 for the whole year for that domain?  Very pleased with the bargain on a site I was going to buy anyway.

One final thing before I go, I need to rant a bit and get some advice.  I have a friend on Twitter who I've found rather insulting of late.  He's generally a nice guy, he's childfree, and has a lot of my same values, which makes talking to him via Twitter interesting.  He's friends with several of my childfree twitter friends, so keeping up a dialog is generally amusing.  Unfortunately, it would seem that he's a dedicated fat hater.  He's always bashing fat people, saying Twitter is only good for bashing "breeders and fatties."  I find that offensive, considering that I'm a plus-size gal.  I checked out his website and he actually has a whole page devoted to how much he hates fat people.  Who does that?  And it's vicious, too.  He really, really hates fat people.  The guy is single and he rips into fat girls about how unattractive and disgusting he finds them, and I can't help thinking that his judgmental attitude and dedication to judging people for their appearance, rather than what's on the inside, is the reason he's in his 30's and can't hardly get a date.  It's sad because, well, I generally like him.  He's always friendly with me, but I wonder if he would be if he knew that I'm heavy?  The hypocrisy of the whole thing is amazing, considering he can't see me, or some of our other twitter pals, and he seems to like all of us just fine.  So I guess my question is, do I unfollow/block him?  Or, do I just accept his vicious hatred of fat people and ignore it as one of his quirks.  I mean, friends have quirks, right?  And, it's not like I'll ever know him in person.  It just bothers me to see him being such a jackass about fat people.

On that note, I'm off to try to make myself presentable for class and maybe put some food in my tummy.  My diet isn't coming along remarkably well, I'm afraid, but I'm trying to stay encouraged, which is also not coming along remarkably well.  Anyway, time to go.  Adieu.