Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well, as of last night, the Spring 2010 semester is officially over.  Thank goodness.  I got all my papers done and turned in on time, and am now just waiting for grades.  I thought the grades were due by Friday, come to find out they're not due until Monday, so the wait will be a bit longer than I thought it would.  I'm dying to know how I did.  Right now, I feel pretty good about my comparative lit paper, which I wrote over The Lais of Marie de France, ask me again after grades are in and it may be a different story.  For now, everything that can be done has been, it's just a game of waiting.

I'm just so glad the summer's here, I'm exhausted and need a break.  I'll be working all summer, full-time for Demand Studios, but I won't be going to school.  Between now and August, I'll have nothing to do but work.  We are going to West Texas next month, but that's an entry for another time.

Last night we went out to coffee with Nikka, Melanie, and Joey, which was a nice, sort of celebratory fairwell tot he semester.  Afterwards, Matt and I went to Melanie and Joey's to watch a movie.  It was an okay film, but it was nice to hang out with friends without the weight of something to do hanging over us all.    Today, it's rainy and gloomy and amazing here.  As the first day of my break, I'm spending the day doing absolutely nothing.  We've been watching movies and listening to the thunder, and being lazy.

I have a horrible crick in my neck, which  I woke up with yesterday.  Matt put some Icy Hot on it last night and I think I'll get him to do the same today.  It's not how I was hoping to feel on the first day of my break, but freedom is freedom, even in pain.   For now, I'm going back to the movie.  We're watching "Dangerous Beauty," one of my favorite movies.

Oh, we also got "Daybreakers" and watched it when we got home last night.  It's a good vampire movie.  It's been a long time since a good vampire movie came out of Hollywood.  It was somewhat unconventional, and though I still prefer the more traditional vampire movies, I really liked it.  It wasn't scary, as the box would have us believe, but it doesn't need to be, either.

Okay, I'm off.   I hope to catch up on my blog visits today or tomorrow, but no promises.  I'm so damn tired lately.  Good afternoon!