Monday, May 24, 2010


Thursday simply cannot come soon enough!!  I'm going to be taking Thursday afternoon off to go out to the movie with Matt.  Might be that we'll have pizza after the movie, too.  I'm dying to see it, but I'm also a bit nervous.  I really hope they don't screw things up between Carrie and Big.  I was so happy when they finally got married in SATC1!  I'm eternally hopefully that they'll do them right, so we're off to see it Thursday.  Will you?


  1. Just from the trailers alone I'm convinced they've messed up and they should have left well enough alone after the last movie. I'm refusing to see this movie in the theater. I'm not sure I'll even watch it later, but if I do, I'll use a free redbox code.

  2. I feel a bit like you do, but I'll see it because I can't not see it. I'm crazy addicted to SATC!! I hope like hell they don't screw it up, but Aiden makes me wonder. I never did like him much.

  3. Nahhh Kristyn, I seriously doubt they messed things up between Carrie and Big. Producers are creative geniuses when it comes to piquing the viewers' curiosity and stirring up controversy, but they are also fully aware that the SATC fans ultimately want Carrie and Big's romance to be a true "forever after." I'm planning to go see it on the big screen too, but I'm hoping to get a girlfriend or two to watch it with me, as opposed to watching it with Clint (who would pretty much roll his eyes the whole time). I'm ready for a good chick flick!