Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So far...

Well, I have to tell you, my summer break isn't starting out on a great foot.  My grades came in, I made an A and B.  I'm pretty damn disappointed in that B, if I'm going to be truthful with you.  More than anything, I'm feeling really disheartened by it.  I felt like my paper was pretty good, I worked had on it and until the I turned it in, I was making a low A.  So, all I can think is that she gave me a low B or a C on the paper.  Very disappointing.  I didn't cry, but I won't like, it was close.

Then, or perhaps before, since it happened over the weekend, my electric range died.  The over and stove both went out, at the same time, while I was making dinner on Sunday... or maybe it was Saturday.  I don't know.  Anyway, the oven will warm, but it won't heat above that.  So, I'm stuck making food in the microwave, on the electric griddle, and in the Rival electric fondue pot (which isn't exactly a fondue pot).  So annoyed, especially since I have a cabinet filled with pasta that I can't cook.  We can't afford to replace the range right now, but there's a place in town that sells used appliances, so I may check them out when I have enough saved up.  Since we have mice, which I think are probably at least partially to blame for the death of the range, in addition to it's 6 years in service, that is, I don't want to get a new stove.  Well, that and we're not going to be here another 6 years, so we don't need something that'll last forever, just for now.

My glasses are going out of prescription, which sucks because I'm going to have to choose between being able to cook and being able to see.  I'll get both done eventually, but something will have to come first.  I don't make a huge amount of money right now, which is my choice since I'm only writing 3(ish) articles a day, but it's more than enough to pay our bills right now since some of them are paid up through August.  I think I'll probably choose vision before oven, since I have to be able to see to work.  My glasses aren't that far out of prescription, they're just starting to get there, but it's annoying.

Then, of course, there's west Texas to save for.  We decided we're only going to go for an overnight trip, rather than staying there for two days.  We're going to have to kennel Anakin, which I do not want to do, and that's $15 a day.  So, going overnight will save us half the cost from that, plus $40 extra for a room that going overnight will be free since I have $100 worth of Best Western Cards to pay for our room.  All in all, overnight will be cheaper, with an added bonus of not having to see my aunts.  It works out, and since we're staying in a hotel over night, I'll still be able to work, so I don't have to take time off.

Otherwise, not much to say.  I hope like hell that summer get's better.  I'm waiting to hear whether or not I'll get full admissions to the graduate program, and whether or not I'll be interviewing for the fall graduate assistantship.  I'll probably write about both things as soon as I know more.  For now, I have a horrible headache, so I need to go lay down.