Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blissfully Domestic

I've been meaning to write about this for a while, although if you follow me on Twitter of Facebook you're probably already well aware.  A few weeks ago, while browsing the forums at Suite101, I found an amazing opportunity on a fellow writer's website.  She was writing about writing for Blissfully Domestic, it turns out she's the editor-in-chief for the site.  I enjoy Blissfully Domestic as a reader and after hearing what she had to say about it decided to apply to be a contributing writer.  A few days later, I was accepted, so I'll be writing about, well, writing.  It's a topic I know a little something about, one I enjoy delving into, and I have a ton of thoughts about what I'd like to write.

I mention this now for two reason.  First, if you're anything like me, you probably notice when something new appears on a blog's sidebar.  I installed the beautiful Blissfully Domestic Contributor button a few days back; it links directly to my profile over there.  The second reason is that yesterday my first article went live.  I wrote about starting a writing group and would love for you to give it a read.  Thoughtful comments on the article are both welcome and appreciated!

I also hope you'll check back to Blissfully Domestic in the future, give the site a read, and see what I've been up to over there.  In turn, I'll let you know when something new is posted there to look for.  Enjoy the article!