Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Got It!!

I was talking to my mom today when I realized that in light of all the recent bad news, I neglected to mention a bit of good news.  I got a letter Wednesday from the Graduate Coordinator informing me that I was accepted into the Graduate Assistant Program.  My initial contract period will be 4.5 months for the Fall 2010 semester and renewal of my contract will depend upon my performance, but I got it!  I'm looking forward to getting started in the Fall, but am doubly glad I took the summer off.  Going to school and working as a GA is a lot of work.  I wrote back accepting the position, so am now waiting to hear about the orientation and all of that, which probably won't happen until late in the summer.

Now that I've imparted my bit of good news to you, much more succinctly than the last post, I'm off.  Hope you've had a good weekend!!


  1. That's great! I was wondering if there was a reason you hadn't mentioned it in the journal! Good luck with it! I'll have to give you some public speaking tips since I know you're nervous about that. Luckily you work up to that point and have some time to prepare!

  2. *does a mega happy dance for you*
    WOOT! that's all kinds of WIN! EPIC PWN FTW!

  3. Congrats Kristyn! That's wonderful! Late Summer...that is when I start practicum. Guess we both will be dealing with some pretty big changes...:)

  4. Thank all!! I'm really looking forward to the challenge this presents.

    Shannon, good luck!!

  5. I'm late in chiming in, but congrats Kristyn! It sounds like everything is really falling in place for you right now--you should be proud!