Thursday, June 3, 2010

{Insert Appropriate Title Here}

Well, what do you think?!  I'm putting the pretty back into "Pretty Pessimist!"  I got this WordPress theme from Teresa over at Splendid Sparrow.  She does such beautiful work, I couldn't resist when I found one I was really in love with!  I ordered it a few days back and here it is, all installed and looking amazing... I'm so very happy with it.  I hope you like it too!  I also changed my Tumblr widget on my sidebar to my "Color Me Pink" tumblr account because seeing all that pink makes me happy and I need good vibes right now.

You see, I should be working and I'm not.  I should have been working all day, but I haven't been.  I managed to get one article edited and another written and that's it.  My pay this week's going to be pathetic for all my inability to focus.  I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but I'm hoping next week will be better, it has to be, I have bills to pay!  That being said, I think part of the problem is the weather, it's hot and muggy and somewhat rainy.  I love the rain, but I hate the heat and humidity.  It makes me feel so blah and blah isn't conducive to working productively.  So, I'm trying to slog through, but I'm procrastinating right now, as you can see.

Then, of course, I have a lot on my mind with worrying about the assistantship thing.  I know I said I wasn't going to worry about it but, well, it would seem I lied.  I tried really hard not to be concerned, to keep a positive outlook, and to remember that I did well, but it looks like my resolve has faltered.  I still feel like I did great, I feel like the answers I gave them were the best possible answers -- with one little exception-- but I can only control how I feel about what was said.  I started thinking they might not feel as good as I do about my answers and that's throwing me off balance.  I hope to hear something soon, one way or the other I'd like to know so I can stop worrying about it!

Then there's my family, which is a whole entry all by itself, but let's just say that I am about this close (imagine me holding my my thumb and forefinger about an inch apart) from ringing Staci's neck!  I might write about it another time, when I'm not still so angry at her, because honestly she deserves to have her neck wrung!  She's behaving like a two year old and upsetting my parents, when there's no reason for that.  Thankfully, I have a perfectly awesome sister, Candi, who's not a pain in the ass.  But, Staci being a pain in the ass, coupled with the fact that my grandmother is sick and my folks are going to have to come out to Texas next week, it's all a bit much.  I wish she would remember that everything's not about her, that others of us have lives that don't revolve around her tantrums, and sometimes those things take precedence.

Okay, enough of that.  I'm going to try to get back to work, although I think I'm going to be done for the day and hope tomorrow is better.  Melanie and I pick up our writing group this Saturday and I'm looking forward to getting back to it.  Maybe what I need is a weekend to re-charge and get back into the right frame of mind.  Maybe I'll spend the rest of the day doing some planning for my novel, that way when Saturday afternoon comes and we get together I can be more productive than I was when last we met.  Thinking maybe she and I can start getting together two days a week, but it'll depend on a lot of things, including how much time we each have since we'll both be working this summer.

On one final note, it's looking like Matt's going to go to summer school after all.  So, as long as I factored it correctly, it looks like he's only got a few more semesters to go.  At this rate, with the classes he's registered for now and in the fall, he should graduate in May 2011!  I am so thrilled, both for him and for our pocket book (ha!).  After he graduates, all we'll be waiting for is me to finish my Master's degree and we'll be on our way home to California.  I simply cannot wait!  I want to go home and I'd be ready to go now if not for graduate school.  Three cheers for getting things done here so we can move onto the next stage of our existence!

Alright, I think I've said enough for now.  Sorry about the brain spill, I'm all over the place today.  I hope everyone's having a great week!