Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Interview, et al...

I must tell y'll, today's been a pretty amazing day!!  I was up this morning much earlier than I normally am, and after only 6 hours of sleep, but once I got past the grogginess I felt great.  My interview for the assistantship was today, so naturally I was nervous.  Generally, I felt okay, but sitting there waiting for my interview I started to feel a bit nauseous with only 5 minutes to go before the interview.  I took a couple of deep breathes and tried to will myself to be calm and by the time the interview came, I was feeling much better.

Best of all, I really feel like it went well.  I left the interview feeling like I did the best I possibly could have done.  Two of the three interviewers were people I know, which made things a little easier.  Truly, I walked away feeling like I did the best I could and throughout the day, as I've thought over the interview questions and my answers, I've not once second guessed what I said.  It's never occurred to me that I could have done better; truly, I think I did great!  Normally, I second guess everything, I run things over and over and think of how I could have done it better.  Not this, not today, and I'm proud of it.  I did my absolute best, presented myself in the best possible way, and am hoping to hear something soon, one way or the other.

That said, I have no idea how long it's going to take so I don't know when I'll know.  But, I'll be sure to report back when I do know, one way or the other.  Whatever happens, I'm trying to think positive and remember that it's for the best, one way or the other.  Still, I think I did well and don't see any reason they shouldn't hire me!

After the interview, I went to Melanie's.  She lives around the block from the school, so it's not a far trek.  We sat and chatted for a while, until her household started to wake up and her mother got there.  Her mom lives out of town, but is down this way for her grandchildren's HS graduations.  While she's here, she's staying with Melanie.  After her mom got there, Melanie got around and we went and did some errands together, to Tarleton, to A1-Appliance (which went out of business... BOO!!), out to lunch, to Wal-Mart and finally to the Shoe Dept.  We had a really nice day, got some things done, saw some of our professors, and got new shoes!!

Shoe Dept. wasn't originally on the list, but I had been admiring Melanie's new handbag all day, so she took me over there and got me a new handbag for an early birthday present (though my birthday's not for another month and a half... Thanks, Melanie!  Love ya!!).  I had planned to get one like hers, but they didn't have any, so I chose another one that I really love!!  I also got a pair of shoes while we were there because Shoe Dept. was having a monster sale.  They had a ton of shoes at half-off the lowest marked price, so I got a pair of faux-leather clogs for $5!!

Anyway, I came in tonight around 6pm after being out since 9:30am and I think Matt missed me.  He slept a little --since he actually stayed up all night to make sure I got up in time for my interview (isn't he sweet?!)-- and he did some writing --he's at 70k words on the book he's writing!!-- but he really wanted to hear about my interview and how I thought I did.  We talked about it for a while and then I talked to my mom and dad and heard all about their Memorial Day excitement with my stupid frackin' sister, Staci and her dumbass husband, Mark.  After talking to everyone, I watched the first "Hell's Kitchen" of the season and then I made dinner.  Then, after dinner, Matt and I went out and got a Blizzard!!  Mine's Reeses Peanut Butter Cup... Mmmmmm!!!

Now, I'm back and finishing this entry, which I started before dinner.  It's been a hell of a long day and I'm damn tired!

On another, unrelated note, look for some changes around here soon!  I got a new theme, but it's not here yet.  I think the girl I ordered it from is going to put my blog name on the header, but I'm looking forward to getting it installed.  Also, I don't know why but comments are going to moderation which is really annoying.  I found five comments in moderation and so I approved them.  Fear not, I am getting your comments!! Thanks to everyone who left me one on the last entry, I appreciate it very much!

Now, it's late, so I'm going to go finish my blizzard and go to bed.  Goodnight!