Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Heart Presents!!

I said earlier that I had some things to say that weren't depressing and whiny... well, I didn't lie.  I do have some!  I have actually been getting some things done that don't involve laying around moaning about my teeth and going to the dentist for dental work I can't afford.

I was talking to Melanie last weekend over Y! Messenger.  Our writing group was canceled due to some unforeseen work scheduling issues, but we were chatting anyway and I was expressing to her my unhappiness with going out to eat all the time.  It's so expensive!  Anyway, she ran to do some cleaning and errands, but when she hopped back on a few hours later she said she wanted to come over, that she had gifts for me!  She went out and bought me something.  So, I rushed around and cleaned up so she didn't see my house messy (not that she really cares), and when she got here she had these...

Not only did she have them, but trust me when I say, they were heavy!!  I have no idea how she opened the door to knock, or carried them up the stairs into the house.  Aren't they pretty?!  She picked that wrapping paper specially for me!  I almost didn't want to open them, they're just too pretty!!  She had a knack with wrapping, much like my daddy, so I had to get some pics of the boxes.  They were simply too pretty to pass up.  When I did finally bring myself to unwrap them, this was what's inside...

There's a bit of a story to this, actually.

1) Friday (July 23rd) is my 32nd birthday.  Writing it like that looks weird... 23rd, 32nd.  Ha!  So, she didn't just buy me presents out of the blue.  That said, she already bought me a present a month or two back (you remember the awesome pink handbag?), so I didn't expect her to get me anything.

2) The whole purpose behind these particular awesome gifts is that my stove is dead.  I haven't been able to cook anything on it in months and it's pretty frustrating.  Since I can't, just yet, afford to replace the stove, I was cooking on my electric griddle, foreman grill and with my electric fondue pot.  No fun at all!  Now, with the double burner hot plate, I can cook with my pots and pans again and make anything I could have made on the stove top!

3) The interesting part about Melanie buying me a crock pot (which I love, by the way) is that several years ago, while grocery shopping together, I was talking about making something in the crock pot and she told me she didn't, nor had she ever, had a crock pot.  I gasped in horror... yes, I actually gasped!  It was onamonapia at it's finest!! (Oh shut up, I'm dramatic!!).  I told her she had to have a crock pot, it was just not natural not to have a crock pot!  She did end up buying one and she uses it quite frequently.

Fast forward about two years to 6 or so months ago.  I was cleaning out a cabinet in the kitchen that had been taken over by mice.  I use to keep all of my dry goods in that cabinet, but after the mice destroyed a lot of food and made houses out of the boxes, I decided it wasn't such a good idea.  I was also keeping my crock pots (yes, I had two, one round, the over oval) in that cabinet.  The mice had utterly destroyed both crock pots.  I was on the verge of tears when I had to throw them away, they were just irreparable.  So, for months I've not had a crock pot and it's been pretty depressing, especially when my stove went out!

So, for Melanie to show up here last Saturday with not only a crock pot, which is funny since I gave her hell about not having one and here she was buying one for me, but also an electric hotplate... it was just awesome!!  I've since used both things, the hot plate quite frequently.  I'm going to make Kristine's Mac & Cheese again soon, even without an oven.  I figure I can just mix it up and put it in the crock pot to finish cooking.  The only thing I'll have to adjust is how cooked the noodles are because if they're too done before putting them into the crock pot, it'll turn them to mush.  I figure it won't have to be in there that long. I can't wait, it's been too long and I'm having awesome food withdrawal!

So, I know I said so on Saturday, but thanks for making my day Melanie!  Much love!

On that note, I'm off.  I didn't realize how long this would go (again) so I'll save the rest for later.  One topic per blog post, I suppose.  I don't seem to be particularly good judging how long these things will run these days.  Good night.