Sunday, October 3, 2010

Soapy, Soaps!!

Has it really been more than two weeks?  Wow, this past month or so has just flown by in a blur of exhaustion!  I've been so tired, so posting here has been something I've strove to do, if not something I've managed to actually get done.  It's not that I have nothing to say, I have plenty to say, it's that I'm worn out.  That said, I'm so happy to have time to be able to blog tonight!  Several weeks ago, my long-time-friend Mayren sent me a package of homemade soaps to test.  She and I have been friends for eleven years this month, we met in October 1999.  Now, she's in southern California and has recently taken up soap-making.

I was so thrilled to get them and they were in such good shape when they came.  I tore them open, identifying each of them by scent and with the guide she sent me.  Each soap was carefully wrapped with newspaper and labeled with a number.  By the time I was done smelling them, they were all laying out on the table together, so I took some pictures and then packaged them up in ziploc bags so they wouldn't get lost, damaged, or mixed up.

As you can see from the picture, she sent me a nice mix of shapes, sizes, and scents.  She sent me (all pictured above):

  • Apple Oatmeal - Brownish, lightly speckled soap (2 bars).

  • Bastile - White/off-white circles (2 rounds)

  • Cherry Almond - Light blue bar.

  • Cocoa-Nilla Coffee - Brown & tan swirled bar with dark brown speckles.

  • Cucumber Melon - White/off-white bar.

  • Naked - Whiteish bars (2 bars).

  • Rain - Smaller white cube & round (2 soaps).

  • Spa - Dark blue & green swirl bar.

Of those she sent me, my favorites were definitely the Apple Oatmeal, Bastile, Cherry Almond, Cucumber Melon, and Rain. Each of them are distinct, smell amazing without being overpowering, and are just the right size for comfortable use.

The first picture is a shot of all my favorites of the bunch.  The second is a picture of the Apple Oatmeal, which was, among my favorites, my favorite. It smells great, and the scent persists pleasantly after my hands are dry. The speckles are oatmeal, which makes  it great for scrubbing.  There was some question about the batch of scent she made the Apple Oatmeal with being tainted, but I used the soap and it didn't make me break out, so it must have been fine since I have extremely sensitive skin.

Of those she sent me, the only one I didn't much care for was the Spa.  It smells really good, but I didn't use it because it's really strong.  Matt, however, really liked it!  Also, I really liked the Choco-Nilla Coffee, but I had to break the bar up because it was enormous and my hands weren't big enough to turn it over to work a lather, otherwise, the texture was really nice!

All of the soaps she sent me lathered really beautifully and left my skin feeling very soft and clean!  The Bastile, which I put in the kitchen, also took the scent of onion out of my hands and made my rings shine.  Its light, pretty scent is great!

Thanks for the soaps, Mayren, I've really enjoyed them!  You rock!!