Thursday, January 20, 2011

Directed Readings

I come bearing good news! I had an amazing, productive first meeting with my thesis chair, Dr. Y, today. I've been a little bit worried about it, I don't know if I mentioned that before, but it turned out to be very informative and constructive. I'm always a little bit afraid of the unknown, and I went into the meeting not knowing exactly what we'd discuss or what I should have done by this point. I left, an hour and a half later, feeling much better about my progress. I actually felt, and still feel, like I'm right on track with this class. Very good thing, too, because I don't need more stuff to worry about.

In addition to talking about the direction of my thesis, we discussed deadlines and dates. So, I know how to begin approaching my topic, when things are due, and when we'll be meeting between now and spring break in March. We even discussed the comps, because I've been really worried about it. I'll be taking them in December and while I was concerned, I'm feeling much better about the process after discussing it with Dr. Y. Not that I think it's going to be a piece of cake, but I feel much more like I'll be prepared to take them by the time the time comes. She even explained who writes what prompts and how they're written, and advised me to talk to my other two committee chairpersons for more information.

In all, it was good! Now that we've discussed it, I've agreed to complete a topic proposal, list of primary sources, and preliminary secondary source list by March 11th. It's a lot more than it sounds like. The primary source list will be simple because I can't write a topic proposal without it. So, it's more like one assignment split into two documents. No problem! After, or perhaps during, spring break I'll be writing the proposal for my thesis for the College of Graduate Studies. Once that's done, I can start writing my thesis! I'm so excited. Not only did I find a way to make one of my passions (vampires!) into a thesis subject, but I get to start working on it soon! At the latest, I'll begin working on my thesis over the summer.

Things are moving right along and even though I have a little more than a year to get it all done, I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed. My whole thesis will have to be done by the end of February, beginning of March 2012. That's only a year... one year... yikes! It sounded like an eternity when I was talking to Dr. Y about having to take Thesis (6 credit hours course) twice. She said that a lot of students have to take it twice and that it's a good thing that I have the additional time. I don't work particularly quickly, so it's a good thing.

I jokingly told her that I planned to get a whole bunch of copies of my thesis and give them to family and friends as Christmas gifts. We laughed about it, but I just may do it! How narcissistic is that?! Yeah, just narcissistic enough. Thesis, coming to a Christmas tree near you! Ha! In all seriousness, though, I probably will get a lot of copies (they're only about $5 each once you pay the huge fee to have the first one made) and give them to family and friends who want them. I just can't wait to have it in my hands! Excited doesn't even begin to describe how I feel right now, thinking about the next year and a half. I'm so thrilled.

For now, I need to run and start reading Eudora Welty's The Optimist's Daughter for my American Lit: The Southern Novel class.

Oh, two more things before I go. First, I still cannot find my camera and I am seriously bummed. Second, this is my 150th post. Crazy how time flies, and yet I feel like there should be more at this point. I've been writing at this domain since September 2009. That's about a post ever three days... I think. My math isn't good. So yeah, Happy 150th post to me!

Okay, now off to read... for real this time. Good night!