Saturday, February 5, 2011

Broken Pipes

I swear to you, I just want to rewind this year and start over. It's been nothing but trouble, so far. I got up this morning, went outside to check on the pipes and everything looked okay. No gushing water, no messy pipes, so I walked around a bit enjoying the cool weather and the sunshine. Seriously, check out this sunshine...

Beautiful, right?

So I was doing another walk around, enjoying the morning, preparing to get some homework done, when I heard it... gushing water. I stood for a moment, trying to think that it was coming from the neighbor's house, but my denial was short lived, it was clearly coming from under our house. Pulling back one of the skirting panels, I looked underneath and sure enough, water was gushing up from one of the pipes, like a fountain, making a big freaking mess. And, I do mean a big. freaking. mess!!

Right then, faced with this problem, I did the thing a woman is never supposed to admit to doing, I called for my husband to fix it. Matt came out and we spent some time looking at it, trying to get one of the skirting panels off closer to the water shut off valve.  We got it off, turned off the water, and when it was still gushing out of the pipes realized, with some distress, that we had just shut off the water going into the house, not the pipes from the water main. So, Matt called the manager and he came out and turned our water off at the main shut-off valve.

Our manager is a nice guy (not at all like the misogynist pig that use to do that job), but he informed us that any pipes under the house are our responsibility. Anything on the other side of the water main is their responsibility. We have to get it fixed. He gave us the name of a plumber, who we promptly called. The plumber said that it would be late in the weekend, or early week before he could come out and fix it. Fan-fucking-tastic. He also said it would be about $100 per break. I'm hoping and praying there's only one break. I only saw the water fountaining out of one spot, but it was a long break.  Of course, the water was pouring out down the pipe, under the foam insulation, and I cant tell if that was symptomatic of another break, or if it was the water from the first break pouring down the line. Either way, I'm sick of dealing with this.

As of today, we're 4 days without water. Tomorrow will be day 5.  I'd really like to take a shower, rather than the "spit bathes" I've been suffering, my hair is disgusting.  My house is disgusting, I have dishes to wash and let's not even go into the rest of the house. Oh, and the laundry, it's not doing itself. And, of course, there's a problem were if they can't get it fixed before Monday, I can't go to work. This isn't good, there's no way I could go into work like this. No way, but calling in sick after having 4 school days off last week seems like a bad idea. I just keep hoping it'll get fixed tomorrow and we won't have to worry about it anymore.

Check this out...

This is actually not a river, it's the flooding under my house.  It had only been flooding about 2 minutes when I took this picture. You would not believe how much water there was under there by the time we got the main valve turned off.  Our manager said, "Wow, look at that dial go!" in reference to the fact that gallons of water were pouring out... nice, we're going to have to pay for all that water that's currently making mud under the house. On the upside, we've not used any water in days, so I suppose it balances out. Ugh, I am in such a bad mood about this!

I enjoyed having the time off last week, that was nice, especially after sacrificing the last 10 days of my Christmas vacation to illness. What I don't like is the repercussions. Fortunately, I'm salaried, so I get paid whether I'm at work or not.  That much is nice. Our anniversary is this month and, honestly, I'm feeling so stressed out with school, work, and the constant disasters. First our I was sick, then the car, which is running fine right now since they put transmission fuel in its, but now this broken pipe thing.  What next?! I swear, I'm about to crack.

Tomorrow's the Super Bowl, but I could care less who wins. Packers or Steelers, I don't give a shit.  We're going to watch it, and try to enjoy ourselves despite the fact that we have no water, but it's not going to be easy.  I have a paper to write, almost 200 pages to read, notes to post, and a discussion post to make. I'm so overwhelmed by the amount of homework I have, and honestly, that's my fault too because I procrastinated all week.