Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frozen II!!

I know, I already bitched about the weather today, but I have more to say. Read my last post, or don't, it's up to you. It's a lot of bitching, but not without good reason. Anyway, we decided to brave the horrible weather and go to Wal-Mart this afternoon because without water, cooking dinner would be rough. I need to do the dishes, which I can't do without water, but we can't eat without clean dishes, so it's kind of a catch-22, anyway. I digress, we went out and it was a nightmare! The roads are covered in an inch and a half of solid ice, which makes going to Wal-Mart more like ice skating than driving. It's cold and slippery and somehow we managed to get there, and back, without much incident.

On the way home, we stopped to eat at Montana (a local place), and their parking lot's not much better... okay, it wasn't better at all, it was actually worse than Wal-Mart's parking lot. Anyway, just before you get to Montana, there's a light in front of the college. The entire road at that intersection was covered in icy slush and we started sliding back and forth like crazy. Had I been driving, I'd have lost it. As it was, Matt handled it extremely well. Of course, over dinner we started the what-ifs, which made dinner kind of worrisome. You know the "what if the pipes actually burst while we were gone and our whole house is under several inches of water?" or "what if our power's out (stupid rolling brown-outs) and Anakin and Galileo are freezing?"  The what-ifs! Let me tell you, I am amazing at that game. I worry better than anyone I know.

We got home to find that our house wasn't under water and that we hadn't lost power, so all the worry was really for nothing. It was toasty and warm, compared to the 15 degree weather outside. So anyway, while we were at Wal-Mart Matt got me a new camera! We looked at them and found a nice 12 mega-pixel Kodak EasyShare compact digital camera for $99. It came out to be about $120 after the extended warranty and the SDHC memory card. Nice little camera, too, takes really good pictures.

I shrank this picture down, it was originally like 4000x3000 or something. I need to see if my camera will allow me to turn down the image size, I think it should have that setting, somewhere. Still learning how to use it.

Yeah, I can feel you thinking "that's not much snow, what's she bitching about?!" but it's actually much worse than it looks. The pictures make it look like a pretty little storm, no problem, but it's crunchy and hard and frozen. The road, in front of our house and out on the highway, is frozen solid... repeating myself, aren't I? Anyway, I'm not going anywhere, again, until this mess melts off. I just hope it gets warm enough to melt off before our pipes get any worse. Besides, I'd really like to be able to shower... I'm thanking my lucky stars I did so last night before going to bed.

Okay, I'm cold and have bitched about the weather (again) and gushed about getting a new camera (Happy Valentine's Day/Anniversary to me!!), so it's time for me to go do something else. What, I'm not sure, but something. Thinking I may give away a book over at my book blog, that sounds like fun! If you have a few spare minutes, knock on wood for us that our power doesn't go out. Anyway, hope your doing okay and that you're warmer than I am.