Wednesday, February 2, 2011


School's out again today. We had a good deal of snow yesterday, and temperatures in the low teens, so everything's frozen. Since temps aren't going up, and everything's slippery and cold, we're out again today. The Weather Channel's saying that the temps won't be going above 20 all week and that it's supposed to snow again on Friday morning. I love the wintery weather, but it's causing us some serious problems. I'm wondering how they're going to handle tomorrow and Friday at the University? Will they cancel classes like they did yesterday and have today? Something makes me doubt it, actually, but we'll see. I was skeptical about these last two days, too, and here we are.

For now, our chiefest problem seems to be that our pipes are frozen. I left one of the faucets running a little bit, but I'm wondering if it didn't get turned off at some point. Also, it was on cold, which I realize now may not have been my finest moment. Anyway, we got up this morning and no water's running out of any of the faucets in the whole house. Not just the bathrooms, but the kitchen too, and I can't figure out which pipe it is except to think that it's the main line coming into the house. Everything I've read, from some pretty reputable sources like the Weather Channel and Allstate, say to turn the faucets on and call a plumber. There're only two problems with that plan. The first is that my house is a huge mess and I can't mop the floors or do the dishes because, well, we have no water. The second is that I really can't afford a plumber's fee if there's nothing wrong, and right now, there's really nothing wrong. Of course, the plumber fixing it right now may be better than him having to come fix it if the pipes burst, so I'm thinking about it. If the pipes are still frozen tomorrow, I'm going to call around and find out what it'll cost to get it looked at. That's a decent compromise, I think.

So yeah, all of this has put me in a foul mood and poor Matt's the recipient of my ire because there's no one else around to take it out on, and because he's the unfortunate fool who told me about the pipes. I don't know who I'd be mad at, except to think I'd have no choice but to be mad at myself, had I found that the pipes were frozen all on my own. I suppose the largest part of my unhappiness comes from not knowing when they'll be able to thaw since it's going to be below freezing here for the next few days, at least.  I just keep hoping it'll get warm enough inside the house to thaw them. Oh, and to top it off, our heater's not really powerful enough for this weather, so it's working overtime, running up our electric bill, and it's not really warming us up. I have the oven on, for heat, with the heater and we're still not warm. You have no idea how much I'm wishing, right now, that I'd actually caulked the windows when it was warmer. We've got insulated drapes and the cold's still emanating from the windows. The condensation on the inside of the windows is frozen so thick we can't see out and cold is rising from the floor. I'm wearing slippers and considering socks, it's so cold.

But the icing on the cake has to be that Texas has decided that it doesn't have the energy reserves to keep everyone warm on the coldest day in recent history (15 degrees F, here), so they're going to do rolling brown-outs. They're saying the brown-outs will be between 10-45 minutes per neighborhood, which is ridiculous! I'm working to heat this house, which is a struggle, and they're going to turn off our electricity for 45 minutes?! The house will be absolutely frigid by the time it's back on, and it'll take twice as much energy to heat it back up! And never mind us, what about Anakin and Galileo. They're 20 lbs, they could freeze much more easily than could we. The whole thing is ridiculous! I looked up the outage areas and they're saying that the "Dallas/Fort Worth Area" is on the list. We're about 60 miles from there, so are we part of that area, or not? I have no idea, I suppose we'll see when our power goes out... if our power goes out. I just feel so bad for those who have lost power, and I feel even worse hoping and praying that we don't also lose power.

And, to top everything off, because I'm not pissed off enough already, my friggin' camera is still missing. I've searched for it high and low and nothing. Matt says he wants to replace it, but if we can't afford a plumber for the pipes, it seems like an unnecessary expense. So, no pictures from me, not today. Maybe in the near future, if I get a new camera for Valentine's Day (or that'll be the excuse, anyway). I'm so upset that I can't take pictures now! I know this sounds like a tantrum, but I'm so use to taking pictures of everything that to suddenly not have that power seems kind of wrong. Especially right now, when I would be snapping about a thousand pictures of this weather! I guarantee you, I wouldn't be in half as foul a mood were I able to take pictures. Silly as that sounds, it's absolutely true.

So there you have it, we're living in a wintery hell right now! We don't have any water, but hopefully we will soon and without incident. Fingers crossed. I really don't think I could handle another damn catastrophe right now.