Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hostess Vintage

When I moved to Texas 12 years ago, I believed I had traded my love for Hostess baked goods for my love for Matt, the most awesome of men-- not a bad trade, all in all. I went from taking weekly trips to the Hostess outlet shop, a place my mom called the "day old bakery" to not being able to find a single Cupcake, Ho Ho, Twinkie, Ding Dong, Sno Ball, fruit pie, or SuzieQ. Nothing, not one in all of Waco. Here, Mrs. Baird's ruled the roost and Hostess was exiled in her territory! Mrs. Baird is a jealous bitch... and honestly, she's not the only one. I'm looking at you Blue Bell.

Then, last week, while doing some grocery shopping, I saw this...

Not just Hostess, but Hostess Cupcakes all dressed up in their vintage best! They called to me, and of course, I couldn't resist. I took them home and promptly devoured most of the box... I have no restraint, it's Hostess for cryin' outloud! I blame my 12 year, Texas imposed, Hostess abstinence.

I love the retro design... love. it.

And yes, I know I'm gushing over pre-packaged, preservative filled, baked goods, but I can't help myself.  Hostess is my kryptonite!  Would you believe they also had Banana Twinkie's in the vintage box?  I don't have that one anymore, I ate them all (not by myself and not all at once) and tossed the box... I think. After eating them, I'm convinced that all Twinkie's are banana flavored, or that the box lied. 

Okay, I know, enough gushing about cupcakes... but they're amazing! Over time, I've learned to enjoy Mrs. Baird's, I had to, it's all we have (unless Little Debbie counts?), but nothing quite compares to Hostess for this California girl. Although, I feel like I should say, Mrs. Baird's has amazing cinnamon rolls. Amazing. Yeah, I hope the Wal-Mart keeps carrying them. I'll definitely keep buying them, even if they are $2.50 a box.

On a final note, don't judge me... I could be bitching about the snow and being cold again!

Also, yes, I am picture taking crazy. Yes, I will take any opportunity to take pictures of random shit. Yes, I will be sharing them with you. That is all.