Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day 2011!!

It's snowing here today, and has been since last night!!  The Weather Channel's website has been saying "Winter Mix" since last week, but I was skeptical.  They're not always all that accurate, especially since every other day they change the forecast. For two days, they actually said it would be 60 degrees and sunny... clearly, it's not 60 degrees and sunny.  Rather, it's 15 degrees, snowy, and the wind is insane!

Of course, this weather means we're having a snow day for inclement weather!  I was pretty doubtful that we'd be out today, our university president is from the north and when it snowed last year, he didn't close the university.  We just had to tough it out.  I was definitely not going to tough it out in this weather, everything's frozen!  Our storm door is frozen to the house, the condensation on the inside of the window's has frozen, and have I mentioned the wind... it's crazy!  So, when we got our texts from Code Purple, our school's warning system, that school was cancelled, we were pleased.

The picture above is from last year's snow -- this year's isn't nearly so calm and lovely.  I'd have taken a new one except that my camera is still missing.  Right now, I'm pretty damn bummed out about that fact, too.  Not only were there some great pictures of Anakin and Galileo on that camera, but now I can't take pictures of the snow. I hope I find it soon, but the longer it's missing, the less likely I feel that is.  Matt lost his wedding ring somewhere in this house like 4 years ago and we've still not found it.  So, my camera may have been eaten by whatever black hole ate Matt's wedding ring.  It's so aggravating!

Anyway, I'm off to make myself a cup of cocoa and enjoy the day off.  Have to finishing reading the book for my American Lit class and write a short paper, but otherwise, I've nothing to do!  Okay, I never have nothing to do, so I'll say it like this... I'm going to do nothing!  It's supposed to be cloudy and 20 degree's tomorrow, so there's no chance this is going to melt off any time soon.  Maybe we'll be off tomorrow, too!!  That could be too much to hope for, but I'm feeling optimistic.

Good morning!