Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Tomorrow Brings & A Small Request

Matt and I were talking last night, as we do from time to time, about what's going to happen when we get out of college. This is by no means a first, we've been talking somewhat non-committaly about what would happen for years. It's always "when we get out of college..." but it's never been as much a reality as it is right now. He graduates this May (thank goodness!!), I graduate next May, and when we're done I feel like we need to know what we'll do. I'd like to hit the ground running, it's not like we're kids anymore. Far from it, in fact, and for reasons beyond my comprehension my brain is screaming that we need to start doing all those grown up things people do, like get a 401k and buy a house. I don't even like owning my own house -- I find homeownership a drag, but who knows if I'll still feel that way in a few years -- but I suppose that's beside the point, I mean, the message is clear, we need to start looking forward.

You may know that we're planning a move to California. This is a plan that's been in the works for the last year, at least, and for a while there we were planning to move this year, when Matt graduates. That won't happen, for obvious reasons, like I'm still in school, so the move has been re-scheduled to its original date in summer 2012 (duh, right?). Even still, I'm so anxious to get this underway! I know we can't do anything until I'm done with my Masters, but I really miss home, my family, and everyone in California. I miss being able to go to the beach, I miss spending holidays with family, I miss being somewhere comfortable and familiar. I just miss it, so I'm going home and bring Matt along for the ride, and I hope he'll fit in in California. He never seems so much a Texan as when we're in California, but I'm sure he'll adapt and come to love California!

Our initial intention was to move to the desert, come hell or high water, and work out the job details later. We've been thinking, lately, that it might be more in our interests to consider moving wherever the jobs are, even if that means not living in the desert. We've considered Riverside, San Bernardino (Ugh!), Highland, Rancho Cucamonga, and Ontario just in looking around for property and jobs. There're a lot more colleges in the valley than there are in the desert and I'm not much of a commuter. I've talked it over with my mom, who agrees it's a good idea not to limit ourselves to the desert. I think she's just happy that we'll be moving back home, and a half an hour drive is much more doable than a 2 day drive! We're keeping our options open and honestly, I don't know if the desert is big enough for me and my ex-husband (and his wife). That sounds strange, and petty, but I don't want to spend the rest of my life awkward and uncomfortable and that's exactly what you get when you put me and him in the same space. I really think we could be civil, and learn to be comfortable with one another in a not-friends-but-acquaintances sort of way if it weren't for his wife. She's just... I don't know. It wouldn't work.

Okay, so I'm off because I'm really starting to yammer on and on.  I've decided, in thinking about going forward, that I we can afford to save $3,000 per semester over the next two semesters for our move, and afford my class ring.  I skipped it when I graduated with my bachelors degree, but a masters is a big achievement and I plan to make the most of it.  I've been going to Tarleton since 2004, I've grown to love my school and would love to mark this achievement with a ring. So, I'm getting one. Our school uses Jostens, which makes me twitch. I don't particularly like their rings, at least not enough to pay $1,000 for them, and I can't go and look at them.  That's not cool.  Of course, they have a lifetime warranty, which is very cool. So I'm at an impasse.  On the other hand, there's a jewelry store here in town that sells Tarleton rings.  They're roughly the same cost as Jostens, and I don't know about their warranty, especially since we'll be living in another state, but I'd be supporting a local business and their rings are awesome. And, since they're local, I can go look at them and decide which one I like, have it sized, etc. So, I'd like to ask you to help me choose!

Here're the choices... [IMAGES REMOVED]

They're pretty, no?!  I just notices, while imbeding these pictures, that the one on the far left is missing a stone. Ha!  They have a really good reputation, so I'm going to over look that one small error. The one in the middle is also available in the same diamond and amethyst pattern as the first ring, so I'm not 100% certain what the difference is, except maybe that it has more diamonds (3/4 carats of diamond is a lot of diamonds!). They range in price from $825 to $1,025, but price really isn't a concern, being happy with what I get is -- I mean, it's a lot, but yeah, I deserve it!

All of the pictures are the sole property of Swindle's Jewlers and you can go there to see the rest of the options (just click the link).  So... what do you think?  Which one do you like best?  I'm taking votes. I'm going to go down there and look at them in person, but not right now. I'm talking myself into waiting until fall, which I suck at, but am doing my best.

Time for me to go to bed. Good night!