Sunday, March 6, 2011

At the Office: Writing Center

I found that I had my camera in my purse the other day, while at work, and thought I'd take a picture. There was no one in the writing center, with the exception of me and Ashton, another tutor, so I snapped a few quick pictures.  She was looking at me like I'd lost my mind, but it wasn't long before she went back to work and left me to my snapping. It was nearly closing time, and this is the only picture that really turned out decent. I'm not a great photographer.

This is the back of the writing center, shooting forward toward the door. Behind me there's a fantastic old wooden filing cabinet, a door to a closet, and one to another office where Matthew, our tech guy, works. His office is awesome because one whole wall is windows, looking out over the quad in front of the humanities building and the library. I would love to work in that office, but I have the feeling he doesn't have heat/air because when it's cold he's wearing a coat, even inside the building.

Anyway, starting the fall, I'll be working in the office next door -- the door on the left side of the photo, next to the book shelves. It's the adjunct office, which they share with graduate teaching assistants. There's also a GA lounge-type area in the back of that office for our stuff. I can't wait for next semester (fall 2011) when I won't have any more classroom-type classes. I'll just have internship and thesis -- I'll also have 50 students and my own class. That is going to be so nerve-wrackingly amazing!


  1. I'm glad you're getting good use of your camera! Did you ever find the other one?

    It looks like a nice home-y writing center. I hate computer lab rooms that area all sterile looking!

  2. I am! No, I didn't ever find the other one... which is actually really aggravating to me, I had some really cute pictures of Anakin on that camera! I keep hoping it'll turn up, but nothing yet. :(

    It is a nice cozy little office! One of my co-workers, Mike, decorated it and he did a nice job. It's far more comfortable than any of the other computer-y labs on campus. We like to think that inviting atmosphere helps people feel more comfortable about getting help.

  3. Pretty! I like the bright green light fixtures.

  4. That Is soo cute! and yay on the next semester! You are doing it Kris. You are on your way to awesomeness!