Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Too Tired for a Title

I'm so exhausted and while I have plenty to say (don't I always?), I'm too tired to say it. It's 2am and I've been awake since 7am yesterday. I'm still awake because after working all day, then attending class for 3 hours tonight, I went out and had something to eat/coffee with my friend Nikka and we didn't leave the restaurant until nearly 1:30am!  We just get so carried away with the yapping.

One bit of good news that I'll take a minute to share is that I got my thesis topic proposal and prospective source lists back from my thesis chair yesterday. She said, "I love it!"  All that worrying for nothing!  We talked it over and I'm going to change one of my novels to something more fitting, but otherwise, it's a go. So, once I decide what novel to use in Jane Eyre's stead, I'll be working on my official thesis proposal for the graduate college, which is about 10-12 pages.  Since it's six sections, however, each section is only two or three pages each. So, I'm all set to move forward, with a definite topic and I'm so psyched! Now I just need to come up with a title for my thesis, which I'm normally okay at, but am stumbling over at the moment. I'm sure it'll come to me as I work on my official thesis proposal.

Anyway, since I don't have the energy to share much more than that, I leave you with the two videos below. They're my newest musical crush, Bruno Mars. No only is he adorable, but his songs really have a way of clinging to you. I keep hearing them and can't shake them off.  The first one, I've loved since the first time I heard it. There's something so beautiful about the sentiment. The second, I didn't like immediately, but can't seem to stop listening to it now. I'm not sure about the videos, but I love the songs!

Enjoy. Good night.