Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Too Tired for a Title

I'm so exhausted and while I have plenty to say (don't I always?), I'm too tired to say it. It's 2am and I've been awake since 7am yesterday. I'm still awake because after working all day, then attending class for 3 hours tonight, I went out and had something to eat/coffee with my friend Nikka and we didn't leave the restaurant until nearly 1:30am!  We just get so carried away with the yapping.

One bit of good news that I'll take a minute to share is that I got my thesis topic proposal and prospective source lists back from my thesis chair yesterday. She said, "I love it!"  All that worrying for nothing!  We talked it over and I'm going to change one of my novels to something more fitting, but otherwise, it's a go. So, once I decide what novel to use in Jane Eyre's stead, I'll be working on my official thesis proposal for the graduate college, which is about 10-12 pages.  Since it's six sections, however, each section is only two or three pages each. So, I'm all set to move forward, with a definite topic and I'm so psyched! Now I just need to come up with a title for my thesis, which I'm normally okay at, but am stumbling over at the moment. I'm sure it'll come to me as I work on my official thesis proposal.

Anyway, since I don't have the energy to share much more than that, I leave you with the two videos below. They're my newest musical crush, Bruno Mars. No only is he adorable, but his songs really have a way of clinging to you. I keep hearing them and can't shake them off.  The first one, I've loved since the first time I heard it. There's something so beautiful about the sentiment. The second, I didn't like immediately, but can't seem to stop listening to it now. I'm not sure about the videos, but I love the songs!

Enjoy. Good night.


  1. Hey Kristyn, sorry to hear about the tiredness, but at least you had a good time with a friend. Sometimes it just worth sacrificing your sleep for that! I know exactly what you mean about the 1.30am yapping, that usually happens with me and my sisters.

    Wednesdays are not too hectic for me at the moment, but soon every day will be hectic (I think). I am changing jobs at the end of March and will then travel a lot further, plus I'm going to work for a VERY ACTIVE company.

    Good to hear that your thesis is coming along! It's always such a relief when you can start to form a picture, and everything falls into place. Best of luck with it! It takes a very special kind of person to write and be good at it, and from what I have read, I believe you can really make it "big"! :)

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say - I LOVE Bruno Mars!

  3. Thank you, Danette! I've been so exhausted lately, but partially it's because my dog barks at every little sound, all night long. I'm hoping to start rolling with my thesis at a more even pace, very soon. I need to get started, I have two sections due Tuesday! Good luck with your new job, I'm sure you'll do fantastic!! :D

  4. Glad it went well with your thesis chair!

  5. I hear that first song from Bruno Mars nearly everyday on the radio, and I agree--it's such a sweet sentiment. The second one, "Grenade," is my favorite. I just added it to my iPod about a week ago. I had never seen the video, and I actually really liked it. Him dragging that piano all the way across town just to play a song for her seemed like the most ridiculous (yet sweet) endeavor to symbolize the extent of his unrequited love. Plus, did you notice how outdated his clothing/shoes were? It's almost like he was of a time period in which chivalry and gallantry still existed. But she is from today's modern society of self-fulfillment and whatever-ness (okay, my analysis started to fall apart at the

  6. I agree, Jodi. I love "Grenade." Matt, however, hates it. He says that if he caught a grenade for her, they'd both die, so the point is moot. He can be such a pain sometimes! He also thinks that he shouldn't so worried about whether or not she loves him back, or would do the same for him, because his love shouldn't be dependent upon hers. We decided to agree to disagree, rather than getting into a fight about it. *sigh* Men!

  7. How funny because it was actually Clint who introduced me to the song. Somehow he always finds the good music FIRST and then says, "Here, you have to listen to this." The only recent exception was "Jar of Hearts," which I introduced to him after seeing the video on your blog. He is crazy about the song now. I'm always like, "You're watching that video AGAIN?"

    As far as his love shouldn't be dependent upon hers, isn't that sort of the "stalker's" mantra? LOL

    NOT fight about it? What is wrong with you two?! Arguing about stupid stuff is the best part of marriage! ;-)

  8. Oh, we do plenty of arguing over other stupid stuff and I find lately that I cannot tolerate certain ideas at all. I'm becoming more close minded. LOL. Help! No, but seriously, I think it's the stress, I just can't engage in certain conversations without getting unreasonably angry! It makes no sense... I need therapy.

    I'm glad y'all like "Jar of Hearts." Matt actually introduced that song to me. I absolutely love it! As for "Grenade," I heard it first on American Idol, with the group rounds absolutely butchering it. I went and hunted it down and found that I love it!! But, when it was on AI, Matt was like, "Ugh, I hate that song!" So, I knew he hated it before I even started looking for it. LOL