Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Week, Fantastic...

Ugh, it's only Monday and this week has been horrible so far!  I may or may not have mentioned, a few weeks back, that I woke up to find my oven dead... again. This is the second time in less than a year, so you can imagine my unhappiness. I called Sears because the stupid thing's still under warranty, they scheduled a repair visit for a week from the day I called them, which was last Monday (a week ago). The guy came out, looked at it, said it needed a part, and that it would be another week. The part came Friday, but it's just been sitting in the box, and guess what, it's still sitting in the freaking box!

Yeah, the guy was supposed to come today, but didn't make it. We've now been without our oven for about 3 weeks. Apparently, the guy got hurt on the job right before ours, and had to go home.  If he was hurt, he should have gone to the damn hospital, not home. To top things off, Matt has stayed home for two Monday's in a row to wait for this guy, who has been booked to come out between 8am and noon on both Mondays, but today it was after 2pm before they called to say that he was hurt. So, Matt stayed home from class for nothing. Fan-fucking-tastic!

More annoying, the guy left Matt with a receipt last Monday that said if our warranty wouldn't cover the cost, there would be a $365 charge. Um, excuse me?! There's no reason the warranty shouldn't cover it, but now I'm totally paranoid. First of all, there is absolutely zero way we could afford that, and second, the stupid thing only cost me a little more than $400.  I'm not paying nearly what it cost to replace a part, that's insanity!  I have never been more agitated about something breaking.

It's moments like this that I cannot wait to be a renter again. Right now, my father-in-law owns the house we live in and Matt is always reticent to tell his father when something breaks. The AC needs repair, the pipes break, the bathtub develops a crack which renders it unusable, the oven dies... all problems we've had and he just wants to take care of it, even though it puts us in a bad position financially and never-mind the fact that we don't own the damn house. If we did, I wouldn't mind paying to fix these problems, but the fact is, we don't!  Besides, I love to rent, someone else becomes responsible for your broken stuff. When you rent and the stove breaks, they fix it or bring you another one.  If the pipes burst and flood your apartment, they hire a professional company to come clean it up, they spray for pests... it's heaven!

So, they rescheduled our stove repair for next Monday; we get to wait yet another week. The level of inconvenience we've dealt with so far has been unbelievable, but at least they're not coming until the afternoon next week, so Matt can go to his class. I'm starting to believe dealing with Sears is more trouble than it's worth. I swear, I will never buy another appliance from them again, they're incompetent and, frankly, I'm seriously disappointed because they have such an enduringly good reputation. Too bad I don't feel like they live up to it. I am so pissed at them, seriously, they need to step it up. I'm really, really tired of being without an oven.

Is this week almost over, yet?  I really need a break!