Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Quick Catch-Up

This is like the, oh, third or fourth time I've sat down to write something here. I'm off to a much better start than I was before, at least I have something, even if just to say that I had nothing before. I've noticed that when I'm not in school, or working, and have very little that I must do, I have less to talk about it.  It stands to reason, of course, that that would be the case, but that doesn't mean I like it. I'm a talkative person, that extends to blogging as well, so I feel like I should always have something to say. Not so, clearly.

My vacation has been in full swing for a whole week now, and I'm loving it. I didn't think I was going to make it to summer, but here we are. There are moments when I feel like I should be doing something, when I can't quite rest or settle down for the feeling that I'm wasting precious moments, but it's not true. I don't have anything I absolutely must do right now. Soon, I will, but for now, I don't. Granted, I could be studying for the comps and working on my thesis, but I have three months to do all of that. Right now, I'm just trying to wind down from the busiest semester I've ever had.

Speaking of my thesis, I met with my graduate committee chair on Tuesday, we spent almost two hours together, and got my thesis proposal all signed and ready to go... at least by the two of us. Then it would need signatures from Dr. C, Dr. S, Dr. B, and then the dean of the graduate college, Dr. J. Lots and lots of signatures on that one little form, but we got it done. Once my thesis proposal is approved, and I don't know where it is right in the process of all of those signatures right now, I'll be able to talk more about what I'm doing... I think. I still feel leery, but I think that's to be expected. Once it's accepted, it's set in stone, so less worries.

Then there's the comps. They got moved up. I talked to Dr. Y about the fact that the graduate college expects you to have comps on file before taking your first thesis hours. Since my first thesis hours start in August, taking the comps in December wasn't going to work.  So, we moved them to August. They're now August 15th and August 19th. I'm absolutely petrified. I hope I do okay, but I need to study all summer. I have my study list narrowed down to about 20 works, so it's not as bad as it could be.

The last thing on the agenda right now is my other blog... A Turn of Page. I've been writing over there, fairly regularly. I moved it back to blogger, where strangely I felt like I have more control over what I'm doing with my design. If you don't see me around here, and I will be from time to time, and you're dying to read what I'm writing (ha!) that's where I'll be.

I've been posting memes, book reviews, etc. over there. It reflects what I've been doing now that school's out... reading, reading, reading, and more reading.

Alright, I think that's enough for now. Also, I'm plum out of things to say. I hope you're having an awesome month of May. Our baby turned 6 years old this month and in a week and a half, I'm getting my class ring!  Pictures forthcoming. For now, adieu!