Friday, May 13, 2011

To All Things an End

Mercifully, the semester is over!  All of my finals are taken, my thesis proposal is written (though we're still working on corrections), and work is done for the semester. Nothing left to do but wait for grades to be available, which will be on Tuesday morning, at the very latest.  Oh, and I have a meeting with my committee chair, Dr. Y, on Tuesday afternoon. That's it! Done, finito, fin, the end!  It could not have come soon enough. It's been a really hard semester. I think, though, that I managed it with more grace than I believed I could muster and more skill than I thought I had.  I should, if I calculated everything correctly, make all A's this semester... even in my Teaching of Composition course, which was a very though class. Oh, who am I kidding, so far grad school has been nothing but a long string of very though classes.  When that A comes, I don't think I'll ever feel better about having earned one. This class was especially tough!

Oh, also, as of Thursday afternoon, Matt is completely done with his BA... which is actually a BS, but whatever. He's finished with his undergraduate education and I could not be happier about it!!  Of course, we have to wait for final grades to come in, but I'm sure he passed everything. He's ridiculously smart and I'm so happy for him.  Now it's just me and we can move home!  I can't wait.

So, to him I want to say, I love you sweetie and I'm so proud of you. Congratulations on your graduation!  Also, yes, I've included this awesome picture because, well, I love it. If he would look at the camera, I'd have one of him that wasn't so... I don't know. He really should look at the camera, he has such pretty eyes!

Good night!