Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Failing in Focus...

Whew, my summer break has just been amazing! If I get anymore good news, I'm literally going to burst--which is doubly fantastic because the first half of 2011 was absolutely terrible. I have a few bits to share today, so bear with me as I, yet again, create a post that lacks in a singular focused topic. You would never actually guess, from my last few posts, that I teach other people to write focused academic papers! Best of all, it's only June, which means I still have two and a half months of summer left before I return to complete my final year of graduate school.  When August comes, the race/countdown is on and the goals are simple: take comps, write/finish & defend thesis, teach, graduate, move home. In that order. For now, I'm still toiling away in summer and though it's unbearably hot, I'm having a good one. So, about that news I said I had, let's get to it, otherwise I might go on and on about nothing, indefinitely.

Item #1: We went and picked up Matt's diploma. He's an official college graduate now (well, he was as of 14 May 2011) and he could not be happier. Happy husband = happy Kristyn. I could not be more proud of him and I think seeing his degree, with his name scrawled on it, has really driven the point that he finally graduated home. On the way to pick it up, he confided to me that he was nervous about doing so. I know exactly how he felt, and told him so, because when I went to get mine I felt the same way. I worried, as he was, that when I got there to pick it up they were going to laugh in my face. They didn't, of course, not in my face nor his. Now, it's framed and hanging, and we're both so happy to see it!

Item #2: I dyed my hair yet again and, yet again, I'm struggling to like it. It was supposed to be Auburn Black, but came out more like plum. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it, but I really think I'd like to go back to brown at some point in the near future. I'd really appreciate some feedback on the color. Mostly, I feel like it's unprofessional and I have a job that requires professionalism. At the end of the summer, I'm going to go to the salon and have it done professionally. No more scary, eternally running, red dyes. I clearly have no business choosing my own hair color.

Item #3: This is the best news of all, at least for me personally. Today, I received a letter from the graduate college at Tarleton congratulating me on the acceptance of my thesis proposal. It was accepted!! I could not be happier, at this point in the process. I met with my committee chair today and we set a due date for the draft of my first chapter (July 15th), scheduled a time to go with the date for my comps, and discussed formatting. It was a good meeting, as always, and I really appreciate these meetings because it's the summer and she's under no obligation to meet with me. So, now that I've received a thumbs up on my thesis proposal, the next thing is to work on finishing my first chapter and studying for the comps!

It seems like that's all for now, but taken all together it has made this week awesome--except maybe the hair thing, I still don't know about that. While I hope to have more awesome week's ahead, who knows. For now, I'm basking in the glow of this summer's greatness!