Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Amazing Day!!

Today's been a good day. While  the summer usually makes blogging difficult for lack of motivation, I have no such problems today! Today, everything is alright, which was awesome because this week didn't start out great. I've been waiting and paying on my class ring for about the last 3 months, so when the promised date, June 1st, came around I was all excitement. Unfortunately, June 1st came and went without a ring and I was quite unhappy. Apparently, the gold rope was the hold-up. What they had didn't look good and they wanted it to look the best they could. So, they told us it would be either Thursday (today) or Friday before it was done. I won't lie, I pouted. I'm not good at waiting.

I decided, then, to go and have my nails done today to make up for my ring not having been there yesterday. I made an appointment, got them done, and when I was through with that went into the jewelry store and paid them the last installment on my ring. The jewelry store happens to be right next to the nail salon. Anyway, it wasn't done but the woman there said that they had promised Matt it would be done today, so it would. I almost squealed in delight... but I resisted. Rather, I kept the squeaks of glee inside and went about my day.

After nails, Matt and I went out to lunch, then went to see some friends. While we were at our friend's place, the jewelry store called my cell and said it was ready! We ran out the door.  Okay, I ran out the door, Matt sauntered as a joke, which just ended up making me yell at him. It was playful yelling, but yelling nonetheless! We went to the jewelry store straight away and picked it up. It fits me perfectly!!

These pictures absolutely do not do the ring justice (click them to see them larger). It's gorgeous! I absolutely love it and am so happy I chose this one. The rope bands really make the ring, I think! I just adore it, and it's really huge. You can see from the picture it takes up almost the whole bottom of my finger from knuckle to knuckle. It's certainly taking some getting use to, but I'm happily doing so!

After we picked it up, we went back to our friends place so they could see it, we got drinks at Sonic, and headed home. When we got here, I had to twist Matt's arm, but he checked the mail and yet more good news was to be found inside. I got a letter from the College of Liberal and Fine Arts at Tarleton.  They were alerting me to the fact that I had won a scholarship for the next school year!  I was so excited. I won the Graduate Dick Smith Scholarship--through our Library, which is called the Dick Smith Library! It's for $3,000, which is just phenomenal. I couldn't be happier.

All in all, it's been an amazing day. A day to blog about, for sure!  I hope y'all are having a great summer so far. A great week, at that. For now, I'm off to finish dinner. Adieu!