Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sans the Cannons

Matt and I were discussing, yesterday, how we plan to spend our last July 4th in Texas. As I moved to Texas at the end of June 1999, going to the fireworks at the Brazos River in Waco was one of the very first holiday things we did as a couple, so it's fairly important to me to have a nice July 4th this year since it will be our last in Texas. We have a really lovely July 4th the first year I was here and I'd like to have a nice July 4th the last year we're here, too. Unfortunately, going all the way to Waco to see fireworks is a little outside the realm of possibility right now, so we're thinking we're going to stay in town and see the ones here. The show here is good, at least I think so, but the decision to stay here for July 4th was not made without some pretty amusing debate.

Let me just say, the fireworks in Waco are done over the river, above the most amazing suspension bridge. It is one of my favorite places in Waco--one of my favorite places anywhere, really--so it's particularly idyllic for something like fireworks. The whole show reflects in the glassy river water, which is green by day but like any river turns an awesome shade of jet when the sun goes down. The sort of color that mirrors the sky. I love it! Matt suggested to me that we might try to swing it, particularly because it's our last year here, and because "it's a better show than the one in Stephenville." Not, "I want to go to Waco" but rather "it's a better option than here."

This was our first point of contention because, while the show is somewhat better, it's not enough better to warrant $50 in gas and a 90 mile drive. This is when he tells me he's just can't be impressed by the fireworks here in Stephenville anymore--and let me reiterate that they're pretty damn good here. He use to be, he said, but just isn't anymore after last year. Yeah, this was the point that it sank in that he didn't particularly want to go to Waco, he just wanted to seek out something more impressive than what we have here because last year, we had the fortune of seeing the Fourth of July festivities at Ft. Hood.

Right about here, we got seriously off topic because I mentioned to him that my mom had also suggested that we go to Waco. I told him that I had asked my mom about where the good shows are out there, and that she had said Big Bear, but that my dad didn't want to make the drive this year. She also said Brewster Park in Apple Valley was nice, but that the show at the fairgrounds was... not so good. I recalled that it never really had been and we got to talking about some of the shows out there. When I told Matt about it, the coversation we had went something like this...
M: Do they have paratroopers?
K: *sigh*
M: Didn't think so! And do they have cannons?!
K: *loud sigh*
M: Ah ha! And I bet they don't have a flag show, do they?!
K: Geez, are you freaking serious?
M: Duh.
K: Ft. Hood = HUGE BUDGET. Apple Valley = not so much.
M: Well, will Seether be there, at least?!
K: GRRRRRRRR!!!! *insert threat*
M: See, July 4th will never be the same. *pout*

Yeah, that was it almost verbatim. The man is ruined after seeing the fireworks show at Ft. Hood that, after the concert and all of those other festivities, went on for what felt like an hour. We've never seen anything like it! It was amazing fun and now he's spoiled (check out this post to read about last year!). Unfortunately, I had to burst his rather playful bubble and inform him that no, none of those things would be happening and that he should just deal with it!

Finally, he gave in to seeing our fireworks show here, with a few more ridiculous questions about cannons and paratroopers. We decided on having July 4th food (hamburgers, corn on the cob, apple pie and vanilla ice cream) and spending our last July 4th in Texas together, the way our first one was spent. While we won't be in the same place, we'll still be together and enjoying the day. As I love the Fourth of July, seeing the fireworks is particularly important to me, so Matt'll just have to suck up his disappointment and brave the crowds with me at the park to see the lights and share a funnel cake... sans the cannons.


  1. He's not the only one pouting that Seether won't be part of 4th of July this year! ;-)

  2. We've been going to the show in Lake Arrowhead for the last three years, and it is stunning. Well-worth the drive. I can empathize with Matt; it does suck to downgrade to a cheaper show once you've been to one that's utterly awesome. Bummer that you can't make the Waco one happen.

  3. We always went to Tehachapi when I was a kid. Their show isn't the biggest I've ever seen but it is big for such a small town. The best part is that there are signs up all over town telling you what radio station to tune to during the show. They play patriotic music like the Sousa marches and coordinate the fireworks to explode to the music. I don't know how they manage to do that, but it's really awesome when they go off in time to the music. It's like the fireworks become another instrument.

  4. Hope you had a great fourth of July!! :)