Friday, July 8, 2011

Brain Spill: (Mostly) Thesis Edition

Matt and I had a really nice Fourth of July this year. We spent the day hanging out in Stephenville. I made rib tips, corn on the cob, and apple pie, and we played D&D all day. Geeky, yes, but we had a good time, anyway. I just got a new set of dice, so I've been particularly eager to use them. Anyway, when the evening came, we headed over to the park and caught the fireworks show--we ran into Melanie & Joey, and watched the show with them. The whole day was much more chill than it would have been had we gone to Waco, where the crowds are insane and so is parking. There're crowds here, too, but they're manageable.

Anyway, thanks to the holiday falling on a Monday and our having spent the whole day doing nothing, rather than working and reading (for my thesis), we're behind this week. I've spent the whole week reading The Mysteries of Udolpho, mostly aloud to Matt because I find that I read this particular book quicker when I'm reading it aloud. Most of the time, it's the other way around, but this book is very, very dense and the beautifully written prose tend to make the mind wander. A wandering mind is not conducive to getting the thing read so I can move on to the other books I also have to read. So, aloud it is. The book is 693 pages and after reading all week, I'm only on 475! If I read today and tomorrow, I should be able to finish it, and then it's onto Clermont and then Twilight (series, not just the first book).

Here's the thing, the first chapter of my thesis is due a week from today and I've not gotten as much work done on it as I probably should by this time. I don't have to have all of these books done before I can write it, but I do have to have them done so that I can take my comps in 5 weeks. Besides, when it comes time to write my second chapter, which I think I have due in August, I'm going to need to have all of those books digested. So, I've been reading my face off! While it has been fun, it's also been work. There are moments when I'd like nothing more than to put Udolpho down and play RIFT, or Scrabble, or anything else, really. Alas (yes, dramatic, I know), I've been steadfastly sticking it out with this monster of a book. I'm totally patting myself on the back, here.

Oh, and speaking of my first thesis chapter, I've put a new meter on my sidebar (over there, see it, on the right?) to track my thesis progress. It's above my Love's Daughter bar, because it's more important right now, although I've written several thousand words on LD lately, too! It's set at 80+ pages because 80 pages is the bare minimum on this project. Right now, I'm planning for 6 chapters, two of which will be somewhere around 15-17 pages, while the other four will weigh in at 22-25 pages. If they're 15 and 25 pages, respectively, then the thing will go a good 130 pages, but we'll see. It's possible that those four chapters might only be 20 pages each. *shrug*

I did laugh a little when I put that meter over there and they say "Radcliffe's Daughters..." and "Love's Daughter". I started to feel a little self-conscious about the daughter's thing. Of course, that's not my whole thesis title, but when I tried to put "Radcliffe’s Daughters: a Study of Gothic Motifs, Female Authorship, and the Gothic Heroine in the Romantic and Modern Periods" it took up a whole lot of space, so I shortened it down. So, I'll just have to deal with the daughters, daughter thing. I was just happy when I realized that the plug-in that allows me to add those meters, Dave's Scribometer, was updated at some point allowing multiple instances of the widget (like an eternity ago, I'm so behind the curve). Before, you had to chose one project, but not anymore. Awesome!

Okay, I'm done yammering on and on about my thesis. I have to get back to reading, but Matt's working and put on Star Wars. I think his intention was to deter me from reading until he's done working so I can read to him. So, for now, I think I'll make lunch before I start wilting from the heat... again.


  1. My husband, Marc, has this thing about dice, he plays a lot of RPGs. Right now he is heavily into Gurps and every so often he will buy a new set of dice. There are dice everywhere!! And if I touch them he freaks out (squeals and runs to buy a new set), he says they give him luck when rolling...or something like that. I guess if I have my penguins everywhere he can have his dice lol

    Glad you had a good 4th of July! What you made sounds yummy :)

    Also your thesis sounds very interesting, good luck!

  2. Thanks, Britney!! I used to be like your husband, with dice everywhere (I have hundreds of them!)!! I used to keep them in pretty metal lunchboxes, but they made so much noise and I had to carry so many of them it wasn't practical. Then, for my birthday one year, Amanda, one of my best girlfriends, bought me a tackle box (this exact one) to keep them in. Now, they're all kept put away... for the most part. I also have a dice bag (which I made -- like this one), to hold the few sets I'm actively using, or need to transport! It's such a neat, handy organization system, that I think I'm going to have to get another one (I broke the lid, by accident on the one I have--boo!). But, I am definitely like him insofar as I don't like others to touch my dice. It's a strange, quirky, superstitious thing... the only real superstition I have!

  3. I'm laughing at your 'daughters' comment, because the manuscript I'm working on is currently saved on my computer as "Topaz Entangled--a Daughter of Time Novel". That is SO not the title I'm going to settle on (too wordy), but I was still laughing when I saw those two "daughters" on your sidebar.

    Good luck on your thesis and congrats on your pretty new dice--hope they yield you some good luck! ;-)

  4. Ah, seems I'm not the only one! I don't know what it is, I just need to skip on the daughter's thing and find a new way to title things. For my thesis, it just makes sense. For my novel, it's only a working title, so it'll probably change if I ever actually finish it. Good luck with your novel, Jodi!!

    So far, the dice have been awesome. Thanks!

  5. I really love the title "Love's Daughter," so I'll change mine and you keep yours the same. ;-) As far as your thesis, I'm pretty sure no one will be putting your published novel and your thesis in their Amazon shopping cart at the same time, so I don't think the two "daughters" presents any conflicts there.

    I wish you were in Cali now...I'd make you get together with me once a week for a novel-writing playdate. Then we could both stop lolly-gaggin' and get these manuscripts banged out.

  6. That would be crazy fun, Jodi! Thanks for making me wish I were in CA more than I already do (ha! ~.^). Of course, at this rate, in 10 months when we move out there I'll still be hovering around 15k words. You, on the other hand, will probably be done!

  7. Not a problem--making you ache and yearn for CA is in my job description. ;-) Not so sure I share your faith in what I will be able to accomplish in ten months, but hey, at the minimum I will have a really bitchin' outline by then!

  8. Well, in that case, we may have writer's playdate yet! Then again, even if you finish the one you're working on, didn't you say it was going to be a series?! ~.^