Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh Technology, Why Must You Torment Me So?!

Tell you what, it has not been my month for tech related stuff. I dragged my overheated behind to the computer and made a blog post, oh, two or so days ago. Then, I heard my blog was down, so I came to check it out and sure enough, all I got was a big white page with an error. Not cool. So, I got my domain host on the chat support and while I was talking to them realized that my blog's admin screen was telling me to update the database. I clicked the little update button and... poof, my blog was back!

Of course, it wasn't completely in tact. I asked the tech guy why and he didn't seem to know, something about errors and the domain database being down when I updated my blog database. Worthless, sometimes, those people. He was basically trying to tell me there was no correlation between my blog being down and WordPress telling me my database needed updating, which it never, ever does. Sure buddy, whatever. So, I set about looking for the update post I'd made, but it's gone forever. My sidebar was also quite messed up, as my thesis tracker bar was missing, and some widgets I'd taken away were back. I suppose I should be grateful that July is a lazy month for me, otherwise, I'd have lost a lot more than one measly little post--which wasn't so little, or measly, I might add.

Okay, so I got that fixed, but I was so disheartened, that I didn't bother to try to recreate what had been lost. Who can remember what they rambled on and on about for six or so paragraphs, anyway? I mean, there's a time to remember what you're writing and a time when it's just conversation, and gone as quickly. I know generally what I said, but it wasn't worth trying to recreate, so I let it go. Bummed, but I'm over it... mostly.

Then, because yeah, that's not all, I got up the next morning to find our net was having serious DNS issues and couldn't connect to most sites. Awesome. I put up with it for a while, but since I pay for DSL, I want DSL, so I called CenturyLink only to find that they were having an outage in our area. Like my web host, the woman at Century Link was nice but also tried to feed me a load of bull about cached websites. She said the sites I could access were cached, that's why I could see them and not the others. I told her no, that not only was I actually getting new emails, but also that I had cleared my browser history, including the cache and cookies. So, that couldn't be it. She was nice, but tried to insist, so I told her that if it was still acting up I'd be calling the the next morning. which she agreed I should do. Okay, another problem somewhat solved.

There is, however, a silver lining. While I was on the phone with Century Link I realized that while I believed I had the highest speed net, I was wrong. They have one twice the speed I've got, so I ordered it. Thanks to bundling, I was able to get a speed upgrade and unlimited long distance for about $20 a month less than I'm currently paying. Awesome! Then, when they learned that I have DirecTV, they checked and it turns out I'm eligible for a $5 discount per month on my DirecTV bill because I'm a Century Link customer. Which is fantastic, I must say!

Now, everything seems to be up and running again, thank goodness, and by Friday I'll have both unlimited long distance calling and 10 Mbps connection speeds. I'm feeling much better!!