Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hair Drama...

Okay, so. If you've been paying attention to my hair turmoil, you probably know that I've been dying and dying, but I'm not coming out with anything I like. Oh wait, I just realized that's mostly been on Facebook. Well, okay, let me start from the beginning, because this just keeps getting better and better. My hair should have it's own soap opera for all the drama its been giving me!

So, at the end of the Spring semester, in May, I decided to take a drastic leap and dye my hair very, very red. I used a red-for-brown hair color, from a bottle I got at the Wal-Mart. The thing about red-for-brown colors is that they sort of wash your color out and replace it with red. For the first time ever, my hair actually came out exactly like the box... exactly. It was, well, it was horrifiying, actually. I got a lot of compliments on it, so everyone else liked it, but it was really hard for me to look at myself in the mirror and know I had to go to work looking like I'd gotten into a knock-down drag-out with a box of red crayons.

See, told you! It's so, so red.  I waited and tried to get use to it, but it never would grow on me. It also wouldn't rinse out completely. My dye was still running red after more than a month. Never, I repeat never, use Garnier hair colors. They're horrible!! So, dissatisfied, I bought a color to cover it up that I thought would be perfect. It was called "Auburn Black" which, I should say, could have stood to be more black than it was auburn.  The result was this...

Yeah, not exactly what I was looking for. But, again, I managed to get a Garnier hair color and again it wouldn't rinse out completely. Horrible products, seriously, horrible. Okay, enough Garnier bashing, I think you get the point. I dealt with this color for a month, got more compliments on it than I had the previous red, but I couldn't kick the cheap feeling. I felt like I looked horrible, and no amount of compliments was going to fix it. Now don't get me wrong, I like red, but my god, this has been a nightmare.

Fast forward to the day before yesterday. I got a bottle of Medium Ash Brown, because I'd heard that ash covers red. That is a bald. face. lie.  Good god, it literally did nothing. It dyed my roots a lighter color than they already were, which made my hair look worse, actually. When I was done, my hair was exactly the same color it had been before dying, except for my roots, of course. I cursed, I threw a tantrum, I had a fit. Yeah, I wasn't happy.

My lovely friends offered me all sorts of help, via Facebook. The recommendation I decided to take was to use unRed in my hair color to keep the red tones out of the color. Today, I went to Sally to get it, but while I was there, they talked me into a different option. They said the UnRed wouldn't cover the color I had, that I'd have to lighten and then dye again, or go so dark my hair would be nearly black to cover the red. Then, they showered me with compliments about my current red hairdo and convinced me to dye again, but to use a professional color. I agreed, got all the stuff, and got to dying tonight. I felt so weird brushing color onto my hair, but I did it. And here's the results...
I think I'll have to take an outside picture, tomorrow, to get a really good idea about how it compares to the other two. It's certainly dark, but initial feelings are that I like it. That's a heck of a lot more than I can say about the other two reds, so far.

Whew! Okay, what do you think?  Tomorrow I'll replace it with an outside picture and hopefully I'll still like it then, too!

For now, good night. I've had a long day of studying and have another, tomorrow. Adieu!!

Small update: Here's how it looks outside. I decided to leave the other picture and just add this one...

I wasn't up long when I took this picture, so excuse the look. My dog needed to go out, so I went out with him and took my camera. So, what do you think?  Matt likes, I really like it, I think this one's a keeper!! Now if I could only figure out what to do about my eyebrows!


  1. I like the new darker color! The red wasn't awful, but it was REALLY red! I'm sure that WOULD take some getting used to!

    I used to dye my hair quite frequently and usually it turned out all right, even the couple of times it didn't turn out exactly what I wanted. I never had this much drama!

    I gave up dying years ago, but got a bug up my butt to do it about six weeks ago and I don't even recall what brand I used, but it was supposed to be an auburn color, and somehow my naturally medium-brown hair turned out some odd burgundy color (??), and I can't figure out how it went wrong. From a distance it just looks brown, but closer up or in bright sunlight, it looks purplish. I don't HATE it but it just isn't me. I guess I never had the look or personality to pull off unnatural hair colors.

    I think I'm done dying my hair. It was fun when I was younger, but now it just doesn't excite me anymore.

  2. Thanks, Phoena. I like it too, and so does Matt, so whew! Finally something I can get behind. I may even keep the roots dyed this color, too, although I've never done root touch-ups before. Hair color usually just washes out or fades, so I never have to. Wish me luck!

    I'm sorry the recent dye didn't turn out like you expected. I cannot tell you how many times that's happened to me! The week before I met Matt in person, I had tried to dye my hair blonde and it came out orange. Like, circus tent orange. It was horrible! My friend, Brenda, helped me to cover it up with light ash brown and it worked fine, but I got this sort of wonky blond-ish/brownish/orangeish color. Turns out Matt really liked it, but it is completely un-dublicatable because it was an accident. So, I feel your pain.

    I never was allowed to dye my hair when I was young. My mom wasn't too keen on that, but she said when we were grown-up that we could do whatever we wanted. So, I've been dying my hair on and off since I was 18 or 19. More off than on. Until this time, every time I've gone red before it's just faded out. This time, I really did it with that red-for-brown dye color. Never do it unless you really want RED hair, let me tell ya!

  3. I love the new colour! The dark red looks great on you!!

    I have dyed my hair so many times and so many colours (well red colours, and the odd blond one). I have fun with it now but I can sense the laziness coming on and I might just go back to blond (omg!). I love when my hair dresser colours my hair though, but it's too expensive to keep up with it on a student budget :(.

  4. LOVE it! Looks shiny and healthy.