Monday, September 12, 2011

Family & the Weekend

I had the opportunity, this last weekend, to see my folks and my youngest sister who came to Texas to iron out a few final things with my grandmother's belongings. It was so nice to see them, I really miss them terribly being so far away. It was also quite hard. They came out this way for a rather quick, whirlwind trip here and back, which is both fortunate and unfortunate. Fortunate because it means that the meager two days I had to spare were enough. Unfortunate because my mom has to get her myobloc treatments (which she gets every three months) this coming Wednesday. When it's close to her treatments, her condition starts to really bother her, so to take a trip like this was a brave thing to do right now.

I think the hard part of the weekend was being in my grandma's house, without my grandma. It was so strange. My papa Dwain was there, but it was just as hard for him as for the rest of us, particularly because we were taking a lot of my grandmother's things. He really struggled and said that once we all left, he was headed back out of town to see his friend. He really didn't want to stay in the house, and who could blame him? So I think after everyone left, early afternoon, so did he.

Anyway, after a six hour drive from Stephenville to Plainview early Saturday morning, we spent the day with my folks, my sister, and my aunt packing things up and moving things around. Some cousins from Lubbock (about an hour from Plainview) were coming--and came-- on Sunday morning to take a lot of the stuff, so it was really important for us to get things packed up for them. That was exhausting, to say the least, particularly so for my mom and my aunt, who both suffer from muscular/neuro-muscular disorders.

I did have the opportunity to have some things that belonged to my grandmother, for which I'm infinitely grateful. While she was still alive she gave me the family quilt--which is really neat and is something I plan to hang on the wall after we move. Now that a lot of her things needed to be moved, they allowed us to select a few things. One big thing I got was my grandmother's antique sewing machine. It's the sewing machine that my grandma made my mom's wedding dress on. When she asked me if I wanted it, there was no answer but the affirmative. I definitely wanted it! Then it was a matter of fitting it in our car. We have a little two door Pontiac Sunfire, so getting it in there was tricky business--It's the kind of machine that's bolted into a rather hefty table, so it's not small.

Matt and I did managed to fit it, with several boxes of thread, ribbons, and other sewing paraphernalia. I'm learning to sew, because it's something that makes me feel closer to my grandma, so having that really means a lot to me. The other things were some knickknack type things, like candle sticks, music boxes, things like that that had belonged to my grandma. All in all, I think we came back with five boxes, some bags of lose stuff, and the sewing machine. Matt brought it all in from the car this morning, before I left for work--what a sweetheart, even though I was being particularly unfriendly this morning; I can be really nasty in the mornings, poor guy!

The drive home last night was nice, but uneventful. We stopped at an IHOP in Lubbock and had lunch. While the service was terrible, the food was awesome. I only mention it because they have pumpkin pancakes right now, for fall, and they are absolutely to. die. for. They were delicious!! If you have a chance, eat them, seriously, eat them. Otherwise, we got in late last night and our baby was sooooooo happy to see us. Dogs aren't good when left alone, particularly needy little shih-tzus, and I always worry about him. We had a friend look in on him while we were gone, so we knew he was alright, but I still worry.

All in all it was a really nice weekend. Not terribly restful, but nice anyhow. I would trade rest to see my family any day. Until Saturday, I hadn't seen them since my grandmother's funeral last August. So, it has been more than a year and that's simply too long. I cannot wait until I can be packing up and moving home. Only another 8 months now and something tells me that's going to fly right by!  At least, I hope it does!!

{{PS. I'm at Tarleton right now, but when I get home later I intend to add a picture or two to this post. So, if you see it sans the photos, check back if you're interested in seeing them.}}