Friday, September 9, 2011


I feel like I complain all the time, but honestly, I have something to complain about  this time. I always feel like I have something to complain about, but right now, I'm in pretty serious pain, so that seems like a legitimate reason. My shoulder is absolutely killing me! I think I may have mentioned a month or so back that I went to the ER to have it looked at, since I was freaked out that it might be arm pain. They told me I have a "rotator cuff sprain" and to just not use it, to do some shoulder exercises, and to take muscle relaxers and it would heal up.

Well, guess what? It hasn't freaking healed up! As a matter of fact, I think it's getting worse. The pain is almost constant now. If I'm in a cold environment, it's worse! It just hurts and no amount of Advil is helping it. The only thing that seems to do the trick is the warm water from a shower and the Flexril they prescribed me. Unfortunately, the drugs make me totally loopy, which means I can't drive, or you know, think. Since I have a job that requires me to stand up in front of people and think, being drugged up isn't going to improve my job performance. It'll just make my students look at me like I've lost my mind, which isn't far from the truth with meds like that.

Matt thinks I need to go back to the doctor. Fortunately, I have medical insurance. Unfortunately, it's Friday and that's too late to get an appointment this week. So, I suffer. Since we're going out of town this weekend--my parents are going to Plainview (about 5 hours northwest of us) to sort through some more issues with my grandmother's belongings--I'll have the chance to take the meds, relax some, and go for a swim at the hotel on Saturday night. I so wish we had a pool, or knew someone who did that was close by, I feel like the weightlessness you experience in the water could be good for my shoulder pain.

Anyway, I have a little less than two hours until my class, my notes are preped and since I'm in pain, Matt's going to come pick me up and we'll, well, I don't know, actually. I guess we might go get food. That seems like the most judicious use of the little bit of time I have before my noon class commences. It will also get me out of the cool office, where I'm hurting, and into the warmth of the sun, where things aren't quite so painful.