Friday, September 23, 2011

Still Sick... Seriously.

Bleh, I'm sick. I've been sick all week, but the point is that I'm still sick. Every day I seem to feel worse, so yesterday I went to health services at my school. They say I have a pretty fierce sinus infection--thanks, rude hotel check-in lady in Plainview--and gave me a steroid shot and some antibiotics. I'm hoping that it helps soon, because I'm feeling pretty miserable and since I took Wednesday off, I'm at work today because my students can't afford too many days off. They said 24 hours on the steroid shot, that is before it starts doing anything, and a few days on the antibiotics. Hopefully, I'll be better by Monday.

Of course, being sick means I won't be able to go out to Bluff Dale Vineyard tomorrow afternoon and see The Accidental Band play. That, my friends, is a real bummer. Not only was I looking forward to some good folk music, I was looking forward to a few glasses of good wine. They have a wine called Sweet Caramella on their wine list that I have been dying to have. I was going to invest in a bottle, but since we won't be going, that won't be happening. With 50 papers coming in on Monday, and my formal observation/evaluation on Friday, I need a nice bottle of wine to take the edge off. For now, nothing doing. We'll definitely have to go next time they play there, in October... or maybe it's November. Whatever, either way we're going.

I did, however, feel pretty terrible about having to take the time off, so I got to work on my thesis. I finished my Chapter One corrections on Tuesday and sent them off to Dr. Y. On Wednesday, when I was off work because I couldn't speak or stop coughing, I got three pages of Chapter Two written. So, at least my days off were productive, regardless of my physical condition. My brain clearly still worked, at least a little bit. Then, today, when I get home from work (after 2pm), I'll get to work on Chapter Two again and, hopefully, bang out some more pages because it's due October 15th to Dr. Y for initial corrections and I keep hoping to finish it and get it to her sooner than that. We'll see.

Anyway, the bottom line seems to be that I'm sick and wish I weren't. Too much to do to be sick, honestly. I think I'll start taking Airborne or Emergen-C, or something, regularly from here out. My immune system could clearly use the boost, because when I get stressed out, I tend to catch whatever sickness floats my way. Seriously not cool.