Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas!!  I hope wherever you are, and whatever you're doing, you're having a wonderful day. Matt and I are spending a quiet Christmas at home together and will probably go look for something to eat around mid-day. I decided I wasn't going to spend Christmas cooking this year, so we'll probably have Chinese food, which is something of a tradition for us as this wouldn't be the first year we've done so. We'll also talk to family, though I've not called them yet since we've been up since 7:30am, too early to call California. All in all, we're just spending the holiday relaxing, which is really nice!!

Of course, when we got up this morning we opened gifts, which was a ton of fun!! My family sent us gifts, and my in-laws gave us a few, too, so we had quite a lot of packages to open. We divided them up and sat down to see what they had sent, which is always awesome. I love to get gifts and can't think of a time I've received a gift I didn't like; my family knows me well, so it's always a treat.

From my family I got a pair of really pretty earrings, a very warm pair of slippers,a soft brown and black scarf which is so amazingly lovely, a pretty wire dress-form, and two vintage apron patterns along with fabric, thread, and trim to make one of them!! I absolutely love it all, especially the patterns and all that goes with it. My folks, and Candi, know me very well, indeed.

Matt got a really nice men's care gift set,  a coffee mug, coffee in every flavor imaginable (he's currently drinking "Southern Comfort" and loving it), and a heated ice scraper for the car (which is really neat!!). He's quite happy with his haul this year, too. He loves coffee in a way that's not even natural, so this year was very good for him!

My in-laws got us each a calendar and donated, in our name, to a charity that brings food and water to hungry children in Africa. My friend Nikka also got me a really pretty Vera Bradley 'Frill' wallet. Ooh and we got a BHG Scented Wax Warmer, which we love beyond reason--currently melting Orange Clove Pomander which smells like Friendship tea!

Anyway, I'm about to be off so I can shower and get around, call my family, and go find something to eat. We were under a snow alert for last night, but it didn't quite get cold enough. So, we're having a gray, chilly Christmas, which is just fine with us. Merry Christmas again, I hope it's as wonderful for you as it will be for us!!